Colorado 2022 midterm election: How to vote with your mail-in ballot

This week marks the beginning of the end of midterm election season as millions of ballots start hitting Coloradans’ mailboxes.

But having your say in the future of the state and the country means making sure you get it and making sure it gets to your local election officials. Here’s how to make your voice heard this November.

How should I vote on Colorado’s propositions, amendments, and candidates?

Good news! The Denver Post has published a voter guide for all of the state’s propositions, amendments, candidates, and questions so voters can decide how each matches their values. It can be found at

When is Election Day 2022?

While ballots go out this week, there’s no immediate rush to vote it. Election Day is still Nov. 8, like it is for elections across the country. So while you may have it for weeks ahead of time, you’ll be able to vote it at your convenience — though it needs to be received by your local election officials by 7 p.m. that Tuesday. That includes if you mail it in. There is no grace period for postmarks for local voters.

Military and overseas voters do have a bit more leeway. They must send in their ballot by Election Day and their local election official must receive it by Nov. 16.

Voters who want to cast ballots in person must be in line by 7 p.m. on Election Day and remain there until they’ve voted to make it count.

How to vote in Colorado

Once you have your ballot and have marked it to your liking — make sure to use blue or black ink — you have a few options for casting it.

There’s the aforementioned mail-in option. It’s generally recommended to use two stamps and to send it at least a week before Election Day. That means making sure it’s in the mail by Oct. 31. Again — if your election officials do not receive it by 7 p.m. on Election Day, it will not count, regardless of the postmark.

Most voters prefer to use drop boxes to cast their ballots., the Secretary of State’s main portal for voter information, features a link to find the nearest drop box or in-person voting center to you.

I didn’t get/lost/made a mistake on my ballot

Mailed-in ballots are only part of the voting landscape in Colorado. Voters who haven’t received their ballots can call their county clerk and recorder’s office for guidance or visit a voter services center.

The Secretary of State’s Office recommends voters start going that route if they haven’t received their ballot by Oct. 27. That should give enough leeway to still receive a ballot in the mail, though it may be too late to mail it back in.

Voters can check if their ballot has been mailed or not at Voters can also sign up to track if their ballot has been sent out or accepted by their county election officials at

Voters who worry their ballot is taking longer than it should can also go vote in person. The county clerk will be able to cancel the pending ballot.

Voters who accidentally marked the wrong bubble on their uncast ballot, lost their ballot in a stack of junk mail, or had it chewed up by a late-to-hibernate marmot can also get a replacement by contacting your county clerk’s office or going to a voter services center.

How to register to voter

U.S. citizens who are 18 or older on election day, have lived in Colorado since at least Oct. 17 and are not currently serving a felony sentence are all eligible to vote.

Eligible Coloradans can also register to vote online at — though they need to do so by Oct. 31 in order to get a ballot in the mail. Would-be voters can also register to vote up to and on Election Day at a voter service and polling center.

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