David Lammy breaks into hysterics as he reflects on Truss as PM

David Lammy says Truss was ‘extraordinarily bad’

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Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy mocked former prime minister Liz Truss as he claimed a “cardboard cutout” would have held a greater presence at the Commons dispatch box. Reflecting on her premiership, the Labour MP broke out in uncontrolled hysterics live on air during a radio interview with fellow LBC host Nick Ferrari. While Lammy was quick to bash the former Conservative leader, he did confess that he believed Rishi Sunak had performed “better than Liz Truss” during Prime Minister’s Questions.

Reflecting on Wednesday’s PMQs, David Lammy told Mr Ferrari: “I thought it was quite slippery, to be honest. I’ll tell you why, let’s be clear – the benchmark was phenomenally low.”

His composure slipped as he suddenly erupted with laughter at the thought of Liz Truss’s time in Number Ten.

In between bouts of chuckling, Mr Lammy declared: “Liz Truss was extraordinarily bad.

“You could’ve put a cardboard cut out at the dispatch box and it would’ve been more effective.”

Mr Lammy’s performance generated some furious responses on social media after LBC shared a clip of his interview.

Twitter user @prag_man commented: “Let us not even mention the false laugh, pathetic as usual.”

@NathanRuss79 added: “It is all very well chuckling at her time in office, but it has and is costing the people REAL money for years to come.”

User @BoondockGoonda commented under the clip: “Ironically, Lammy sets the benchmark for how extraordinarily bad an LBC show can be – and the cardboard cut out reference is equally applicable.”

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Regathering his thoughts after the laughing fit, Mr Lammy continued: “The critical thing was that Keir Starmer asked [Rishi Sunak] some pretty exacting questions, he asked him about why he had reappointed Suella Braverman, what was the advice of the Cabinet Secretary and he completely didn’t answer the question.

“[Sir Keir] asked him about why he’d made that comment about funnelling money from deprived constituencies to better-off ones, again he didn’t answer the questions.  

“Time and time again, what he did was avoid the issue – I don’t think he is going to get away with that going forward.

“It was his first outing, people are going to want some answers – but yes, of course, he was better than Liz Truss was.”

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In an earlier interview with Sky News, Mr Lammy questioned how Suella Braverman’s return to the Cabinet would reflect on Rishi Sunak’s commitment to deliver “integrity, professionalism and accountability” from Number Ten.

The Labour MP asked: “How is it professional that someone who is sacked, after six days, is brought back into the government?”

Mr Lammy asserted the appointment had been made: “In the interest of the Conservative Party, not because it is in the interests of the general public or our country.”

In a Tweet following the Cabinet reshuffle, David Lammy accused Rishi Sunak of making “backroom deals to reinstate a Home Secretary after she was sacked for a security breach.” 

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