Disaster for Sturgeon! Spanish MEP says Scotland cannot rejoin EU – ‘You quit as one!’

Sturgeon 'should be replaced if there's a candidate' says expert

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The Vox MEP told Express.co.uk he would not even contemplate Nicola Sturgeon submitting a request for Scotland’s membership to the EU as he stressed Scotland should never leave and break away from the UK.

Mr Tertsch said, regardless of Scotland’s individual intentions as a nation in the 2016 referendum, the UK joined the EU in its entirety and did the same when it left the bloc after Brexit.

In a dismissal of independent factions across the bloc being able to negotiate their own deals to join the bloc, he blasted: “I don’t think Scotland should take at all a different approach from the rest of the United Kingdom.

“I’m against splitting up the UK. And I’m definitely against a way for different regions or for different parts of historical nations in Europe to consider private solutions.

“The United Kingdom came into the European Union as one, it stayed in the European Union and it quit the European Union altogether.

“Scotland and Wales were part of it too. That’s it.

“I think Scotland will always be better placed in the UK and with England and with Wales than without them.”

The Scottish First Minister’s hopes to break up the UK have been handed a fresh blow by a YouGov poll published today.

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According to the survey, 51 percent of the electorate now do not want independence if the SNP won a majority in the Holyrood elections later this year.

The poll, conducted on behalf of The Times, also revealed that 48 percent of those surveyed were opposed to a ballot being held before 2023.

Just 33 percent were in favour of an independence referendum before 2023, seven years after the first independence referendum.

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A separate Savanta ComRes survey showed 46 percent would vote against independence in comparison to just 43 percent who would vote ‘yes’.

The SNP holds 61 seats in Holyrood ahead of the Scottish Tories with 30 and Labour 23.

However, in the same survey from YouGov, the party is expected to win 71 seats in the parliament, which would then give the SNP a majority of 13 seats.

In the same poll, the Tories would fall to 29 MSPs, while Labour would lose four seats to 20.

The Lib Dems would remain on five while the Greens would lose one, dropping to four.

The staunch drop in support for independence comes as a result of the bitter row between Ms Sturgeon and former SNP leader Alex Salmond, according to polling guru Sir John Curtis.

He said: “The SNP cannot afford to lose many supporters if they are to win an overall majority in May.

“And there is a minority of former SNP voters, around one in eight, who do not believe that Ms Sturgeon has been telling the truth about her involvement in the Salmond saga.

“Today’s poll suggests that some of them at least are no longer inclined to back the party in May.”

Before the inquiry on Mr Salmond, the SNP had pledged to try to hold an independence referendum before the end of the year if they gained a majority in Holyrood.

Despite requests from the SNP, Westminster has claimed it will not sanction another independence referendum.

Indeed, the Prime Minister has claimed the 2014 vote had been a once in a lifetime vote and therefore, could not be held again.

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