‘Doing what is expected’ Boris Johnson is NOT using Ukraine to save himself – POLL

Boris Johnson 'hiding behind Ukraine's skirt' says Myskow

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Prime Minister Boris Johnson was fined by the Metropolitan Police for breaking his own COVID-19 laws in 2020, by attending gatherings at 10 Downing Street. He has faced pressure to resign but pledge to remain in his position and serve Britain’s interests.

In his apology he “humbly accepted” he had broken the law and said: “I think the best thing I can do now, having settled the fine, is focus on the job in hand. That’s what I’m going to do.”

This includes dealing with Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine which he has been accused of using to deflect from domestic issues.  

In a poll that ran from 9am to 4pm on Thursday, April 14, Express.co.uk asked: “Is Boris Johnson using the Ukraine crisis to save himself?”

A total of 2,006 people responded with the majority of people, 60 percent (1,211 people), opting for “no”, Mr Johnson is not using the Ukraine crisis to save himself.

A further 39 percent (782 people) said “yes” and just one percent (13 people) said they did not know.

Hundreds of comments were left below the accompanying article with readers sharing their thoughts on the matter.

Most readers were in support of Mr Johnson and considered partygate and the war to be incomparable.

One user, Keep the UK British, said: “The party is history and at the moment unimportant. We have to move on from a 9 minute party.”

Username Joe Kidd said: “Partygate is insignificant compared to the Ukraine situation.”

Username TarquinFarquar said: “Partygate is just bluster compared with what is going on in Ukraine.”

Another user, SanjayP wrote: “Of course he is not. He is helping Ukraine defend itself.”

Username  Steveuk57 said: “I don’t condone what Boris & co did in lockdown but I don’t think he is intentionally using Ukraine to save himself.”

They added: “He is doing what is expected of any leader.”

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Some felt that the most important thing was that Mr Johnson continued to do his job.

Username Dante Inferno said: “Boris is continuing to do the job that matters.”

Username 3downnotout wrote: “He is doing what would be expected of any PM.”

While username lizard said: “Boris is leading the free world and making Britain mean something again.”

Others commented that they thought Mr Johnson was using the Ukraine crisis to save himself.

Username JoePublic58 said: “Of course Johnson is using the Ukraine war as a smoke screen.”

Username Seeyerdownthepub commented: “He’s trying to. Yes.”

And username nonelicencepayer said: “Yes and now he is using immigration to save himself.”

Speaking in a panel debate on GB News on Wednesday, journalist Dan Wootton said: “We are in the middle of the cost of living crisis, we are in the middle of the war in Europe. We are coming out of the pandemic recovery.

“Surely, a Tory leadership contest at the moment, which would involve many Cabinet ministers in really important positions, would be disastrous for the country.”

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