Don’t be diverted by divide and rule Brexit

Divide and rule is the oldest trick in the reactionaries’ book – and it’s working for a loaded Brexit elite.

Turning Britons against other Europeans by lying and inventing false promises,while at the same time demonising foreigners, smacks of a Right-wing plot to replace rights with a new serfdom.

How much it’s a poisonous diversion by the reactionaries scheming their way to Brexit was shown when campaigning Labour MP Siobhain McDonagh detailed outrageous pay unfairnesses in a debate.

Typical FTSE 100 Fat Cats on £3.9-million aren’t worth in four days what an average worker earns in a year.

We’re going backwards when these gluttons receive 145 times more than a typical employee, compared with 59 times two decades ago.

McDonagh detailed eye-watering ratios in Westminster Hall of up to 90 in privatised Royal Mail, Tesco 303, Ladbrokes’ owner 484, housebuilder Persimmon’s 882 and 1,000 at speculator Melrose Industries.

The MP strikes a chord arguing a big company executive isn’t worth 132 police officers, 140 teachers, 165 nurses or 312 carers.

I’ve long said a 10-to-1 ratio between highest and lowest is ample to reward ability, effort and responsibility.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn favours a doubly generous 20-to-1 for firms profiting from public contracts.

The European Union didn’t block these Fat Cat bonanzas – but it does guarantee, for example, paid holidays and maternity entitlements which unchained future Tory Governments would threaten.

Brexit is to Britain what Trump is to the US, chaos deliberately inflicted – and an opportunity for self-interested ideological masters to pursue naked self-interest.

Boosting the incomes of Wetherspoon’s poorly paid staff isn’t Brexit pub bore Tim Martin’s priority when the skinflint, worth £448 million, has criticised higher minimum wages.

And James Dyson isn’t hanging around for Britain to become a new Singapore, a state without an NHS.

Feathering their own nests, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage are joining the wealthy elite, not challenging it.

Britain needs fundamental, dare I say revolutionary, change. Brexit is poison when we’re searching for a democratic socialist elixir.

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