End of the EU: Britain ‘first domino to fall’ but Brussels warned ‘MANY more will follow’

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Britain was “the first domino to fall but there will be many more”, according to ex-Brexit Party MEP Martin Daubney. He added that “all eyes are on Brexit” and claimed the bloc’s “time is up”.

Mr Daubney said: “When we were MEPs there were eurosceptics from Finland, Germany, France, Poland.

“All of these countries were basically watching what happened with Brexit.

“And if we get a good deal or if we just tell them to go whistle I think it will further embolden the eurosceptic movement across the EU.

“All eyes are on Brexit and I’ve always said I think we will be the first domino to fall but there will be many, many more.

“I think the EU’s time is up, I think they know it.”

The Brexiteer claimed the EU wants to “punish” Britain to “send a message” to other member states who may be looking at following the UK out of the door.

He said: “They don’t want to help Britain get a deal, they want to punish Britain on the way out and set an example to other member states that might be getting itchy feet to leave.

“This is about punishing Britain, it’s about making an example of Britain.

“They are fearful for their own future and they can’t put us in a box.

“They want to send out a message to the rest of the EU member states that if you mess with Brussels then you’ll be treated harshly but I’m afraid it’s not working.

“The more demands they make the more resolute Brexiteers become and the appetite to leave the EU is growing stronger and stronger by the day I’m sure of it.”

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Mr Daubney added that when Brexit is a success the “floodgates will start to open”.

He said: “When they see there is a life outside the EU I think lots of member states will be queueing up with eurosceptic movements and they will win big at the poll booths.”

The UK officially left the EU on January 31, almost four years after the Brexit referendum.

Britain is in a transition period with Brussels until the end of the year while the two sides attempt to strike a trade deal.

Both the UK and the EU have warned an agreement is needed by October to be in place for the start of 2021.

Chief negotiators Lord Frost and Michel Barnier took part in informal talks this week.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson sparked controversy with his UK Internal Market Bill.

The legislation could hand ministers the power to override key elements within the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement.

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