EU’s ‘appalling’ behaviour shines light on ‘advantages’ Brexit Britain set to benefit from

Brexit: UK ‘will have advantages’ after EU behaviour says expert

Anand Menon revealed that while there exist short-term issues regarding Brexit, he believes the “jury is still out” when looking at the UK long-term and its recovery from the pandemic. He believes the UK could duplicate its vaccination success story when it has to handle the economy after covid with new flexible regulations after casting off EU bureaucracy. The EU severely lags behinds other Western powers like the UK and US who are leading the way in term of their vaccination programmes.

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Speaking to Adam Boulton on Sky News, Mr Menon was asked how is Brexit going.

The King’s College London professor said:Well we’ve got a deal and that is an important and impressive achievement.

“I think we only had a year to do it we had coronavirus to fight at the same time so getting this trade agreement was no mean feat and I think both sides should be congratulated for that.”


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