Farage calls on Alison Rose and Peter Flavel to resign over Coutts bank scandal

A furious Nigel Farage has called on Natwest CEO Alison Rose, Coutts CEO Peter Flavel and head of governance Howard Davies to all resign or be sacked following this afternoon’s admission that Alison Rose briefed the BBC with inaccurate claims about Mr Farage’s personal finances.

Mr Farage said that at NatWest’s forthcoming investor statement on Friday morning, in light of the UK Government’s 39 percent stake in the bank, they should issue a statement of no confidence in NatWest’s management.

He said Dame Alison Rose “has now admitted that she is the source. She broke client confidentiality, and is unfit to be the CEO of NatWest Group”.

“Meanwhile, Coutts CEO Peter Flavel must take the ultimate responsibility for de-banking me based on my political views.

“Sir Howard Davies is responsible for overall governance. He has clearly failed in this task, least of all by endorsing their conduct.

“In my view — they should all go.”

Mr Farage also highlighted a major discrepancy between NatWest’s statement this afternoon and the BBC’s statement published yesterday.

The GB News presenter pointed out the BBC said the corporation went back to their source – Dame Alison – “to check if they were happy to publish the information – they said they were”.

He said “there is absolutely no way, if the BBC went back for a second time to confirm the story, that they would not have checked that it was the balance of my account that led to that commercial decision”.

“Someone is lying here, of that I have no doubt at all”.

Mr Farage also cited the Financial Conduct Authority’s rule book, which sets out the minimum standards of individual behavior from financial services.

“Number one, you must act with integrity; Number two, you must act with due skill, care and diligence; Number four, you must pay due regard to the interests of customers and treat them fairly”.

He said that on all three of those counts, “I think there has been a complete failure in this regard”.

Mr Farage accused the NatWest board of trying to “prop up Alison Rose”.

“It is perfectly clear to me that Peter Flavel, the CEO of Coutts, has not done his job in any way at all. Perfectly clear to me that Alison Rose is unfit to be the CEO of a big group, and Howard Davies – who is supposed to be in charge of governance – has failed as well.

“Given that we have a 39 percent stake in this – we, the great British public – I think at that investor statement on Friday morning, the government ought to say we have no confidence in this management.

“Frankly, I think they should all go and that is my conclusion from what we’ve learned this afternoon.”


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