Farage insists he could have been deputy PM as he rages at electoral system

Nigel Farage says he would be Deputy Prime Minister in another country

Nigel Farage has insisted he would have been deputy Prime Minister under a different electoral system in Britain.

The politician-turned-broadcaster admitted he is “frustrated” with the first-past-the-post system to elect MPs to Parliament.

He said if the UK used proportional representation like European countries he would have been deputy PM.

The former MEP pointed out that he won two European elections, which also use proportional representation, when Britain was a member of the EU.

In an interview with entrepreneur Dr Roger Gewolb, Mr Farage said: “I’m in a funny position because if I was in a European country I’d have been deputy Prime Minister because the electoral system of proportionality would have put me there.

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“If we were in America where we have a presidential system I could have run, I might not have won, but I certainly would have shaped the agenda.

“But I’m politically caught in sort of the worst of all worlds where I’ve won two national elections to the European Parliament under proportionality, but to break the first past the post stranglehold of Labour and Conservative.

“I’m in a very difficult position. I might be the father of Brexit, I might have forced the establishment into it but they don’t let me control any of the levers.

“So as you can imagine I’m pretty frustrated by it all.”

Mr Farage also took aim at the Conservatives over the delivery of Brexit and said things would have been “radically” different if he was in charge.

The former Ukip leader said: “We got the Brexit result, there was a mechanism we had to trigger to give instructions to the EU we were leaving called Article 50.

“We should have triggered Article 50 the next morning. No, we waited for two years to give the notice to leave which of course allowed all the globalist forces against us to build their strength.

“That then put the governing Conservative Party in a very weak position.

“What Brexit was, it was an instruction from the voters to Government to turn the ship of state around by 180 degrees, to give it a completely different direction.

“If you’re making a fundamental change in life, unless you believe in what you’re doing, it’s going to be a failure. You actually have to have conviction.

“And the problem is the Conservatives never believed in it. They didn’t view it as an opportunity, they viewed it as a damage limitation exercise.

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“We now have total control of our borders and yet net migration is through the roof. Our population has increased from 60 to 68 million in the last 20 years and 85 percent of that growth is through immigration.

“It doesn’t really matter anymore whether it’s Labour or Tories in power, they are addicted to cheap foreign labour because that’s what the giant multinational businesses want. On the immigration front, that would have been easy.

“On business regulation, the EU is an overregulated socialised model, you could have scrapped thousands of laws.

“There was a piece of legislation proposing the scrapping of 4,000 EU laws and Rishi Sunak’s Government has just ditched it.

“Basically you have to have leaders who actually believe in what they’re doing. If I was there things would change radically.”

Asked about the prospect of a future political comeback, Mr Farage refused to rule it out.

He said: “The jury’s out, I haven’t decided. I certainly haven’t ruled it out, I haven’t ruled it in.”

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