Floating Voter Brexit Special: What next?

In the final episode of the Floating Voter EY economy series, this week we’re talking all things Brexit.

What are the political and economic implications for Theresa May’s possible deal and are the Irish politicians and business owners ready for what lies ahead?

Joining INM’s Political Editor, Kevin Doyle, was Deputy Political Editor, Philip Ryan, as well as Professor Neil Gibson, EY’s Chief Economist, and Anne Heraty, CEO of CPL Resources.

“There are challenges ahead,” admitted Gibson.  “With GDP and employment strong, there is firepower there to help deal with it, but Ireland is not fully ready.”

Despite the focus on Brexit, the real question concerning businesses on a daily basis is on talent and being able to attract the necessary talent to Ireland.  Yes Brexit is an issue but it’s not the over-riding one.

“The labour market has tightened up considerably,” says Anne Heraty.  “But quality of life is very important when attracting talent to Ireland on aspects such as transparency and a safe and secure environment.”

So, while the political and economic fall-out from Brexit continues to garner most of the headlines, the focus, it seems, still needs to be on the workforce and providing adequate infrastructure for society’s needs. 

Brexit storm clouds are looming but other issues are important too.

The Floating Voter Economy Series is in association with EY.

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