‘Give it a rest!’ Britons back Boris after PM hosted Downing St Christmas quiz

Boris Johnson is 'playing us for fools' says Michael Portillo

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The Prime Minister is facing mounting pressure over allegations he and his ministers broke coronavirus rules last year. Now, Mr Johnson faced questions over a virtual Christmas quiz he hosted while London was under lockdown.

A source claimed many staff members sat around computers discussing quiz questions and enjoyed fizz, wine and beer.

However, many people defended the Prime Minister claiming he did not break Covid rules by hosting a virtual quiz.

Michael Fabricant, MP for Lichfield, tweeted: “Is it in breach?

“It looks pretty obviously a remote Zoom quiz which is fine.”

Express.co.uk reader, Paula Docherty, wrote on Facebook: “Virtual how did he break rules?

“Lots of people did virtual bingo quizzes. Grow up. Getting boring now.”

Joyce Smith said: “Give it a rest for God’s sake. I’m sick of hearing it!”

Elaine Browne echoed: “FGS what lengths won’t they go to.

“Boris is doing a great job. Let him get on with it.”

A fourth Express.co.uk reader, Jack Hodgson, added: “A Christmas virtual quiz didn’t break the rules.

“All socially distanced away for those who weren’t there.

“Sick of hearing what may have happened a year ago.

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“Give it a rest now. It’s stupid!”

A fifth Express.co.uk reader, So What, commented: “How is hosting a virtual quiz breaking COVID-19 rules?

“He was sat with people he probably works alongside day in and day out.

“I’m not saying the people partying were not a disgrace but he wasn’t there as far as we know.”

Another reader, known as Mezza67, said: “The picture shows him sat at his desk with his aide.

“How is that breaking the rules? Non-story move on.”

While Pino72u said: “Am I missing something here?

“A virtual quiz… What on earth is wrong with a virtual quiz?

“Were we supposed to shut ourselves in a cupboard?

“Sitting at a computer and answering questions is not partying.”

The Mirror has published a picture of Mr Johnson that appears to show him on screen, sitting underneath a portrait of Margaret Thatcher, as he read out questions.

The picture appears to show Mr Johnson breaking Covid laws, as mixing with aides was not allowed under Tier 2 regulations, which banned any social mixing between households.

Official guidance also stated: “You must not have a work Christmas lunch or party, where that is a primarily social activity and is not otherwise permitted by the rules in your tier.”

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