Habib warns Sunak’s Tory Party heading for ‘electoral obliteration’

Autumn Statement: Tories have 'confirmed obliteration' says Habib

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Mr Habib lashed out at the latest Conservative Budget branding it a “continuation” of the Labour Government from 12 years ago. Speaking to GB News, Mr Habib said: “It’s anything but a Conservative Budget. The Conservative Government hasn’t actually been Conservative through its entire 12-year period in Government.

“What it’s effectively been is a continuation of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown’s big state policy.

“Tony Blair introduced the nanny state, Boris Johnson took it to wet nurse status.

“Lockdowns were the biggest socialist intervention by any Government in history.

“They took national debt up by 30 percent and now they’ve run out of the ability to borrow.

“What do they do next? They tax us!”

He added: “This government was already heading for electoral defeat.

“It has now confirmed itself towards electoral obliteration in 2024.

It comes as a “series of economic own goals” has worsened Britain’s “long, hard, unpleasant journey”, economists have warned as they forecast Chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s record-high taxes are “here to stay”.

Autumn Budget: Expert on 'depressing' household income impact

The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) said on Friday the biggest drop in living standards will “hit everyone” but that “Middle England is set for a shock” as taxes are hiked as wages fall.

“The truth is we just got a lot poorer,” the economic think tank’s director Paul Johnson said.

In comments that will further enrage Tories angered by the plans, he said “higher taxes and a bigger state” are likely to stay for the “next several decades”.

He listed the self-inflicted wounds to growth as including Brexit, austerity-era cuts to education spending and Liz Truss’s disastrous mini-budget, which he described as a “large own goal”, as well as the general political chaos of recent months.


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Jacob Rees-Mogg is among the senior Conservatives who have criticised the £25 billion of tax rises unveiled by Mr Hunt in his autumn statement on Thursday as he acknowledged that the UK was already in recession.

The Chancellor has hit back, defending his “very Conservative package to make sure we sort out the economy” and arguing there is “nothing Conservative about ducking difficult decisions”.

Mr Johnson warned that the drop in living standards forecast is the “biggest fall in living memory” and comes “off the back of very poor income growth for many years”.

“This will hit everyone, but perhaps it will be those on middling sorts of incomes who feel the biggest hit,” he said.

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