Hamilton’s share of provincial affordable housing dollars: $29 million

Hamilton’s voice within the provincial government says the city will be getting $29 million to address its social housing needs.

Flamborough-Glanbrook Conservative MPP Donna Skelly says the $29 million is Hamilton’s share of a $1-billion “community housing renewal strategy” that was unveiled on Wednesday.

Skelly says the funding will streamline a cumbersome system, while ensuring that we work with municipalities and non-profits to address issues like disrepair, overcrowding and long wait lists.”

Skelly says one goal through “streamlined” legislation is to accelerate needed repairs so that people aren’t living in crumbling units.

She also indicates that the province hopes to reduce Hamilton’s wait list of about 6,700 individuals or families through a review of eligibility rules and legislative changes that would make affordable housing safer by banning tenants previously evicted for serious criminal activity.

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