‘Just get on with it!’ Public pressure Boris to ignore domestic scandals and fix Ukraine

Boris Johnson: British public share thoughts on Prime Minister

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Constituency Hitchin and Hertfordshire has been a safe Conservative seat for several years but has seen a noticeable rise of Liberal Democrat voters from the 2019 election with the nearby St Albans constituency swinging to the Lib Dems. Locals were asked whether they still supported Boris Johnson and if they felt he could handle the situation in Ukraine following his issues at home. Voters expressed concerns about his leadership with some stating they would not vote for the Conservatives unless there was a change in leadership.

Speaking to Express.co.uk, voters were asked if they had confidence in Boris Johnson following the Partygate scandal.

One said: “I say no confidence, sorry, if we all had to live through this I think everybody else should.”

Another explained: “I’ve always been a Tory voter but they need to sort out a few things, definitely.”

A pair of constituents had faith in the Government but believed more responsibility needed to be shown from all MPs.

They said: “I have confidence in the Government, I think both sides of government need to stop acting like kindergarten children and do the job they need to do.”

One woman believed the situation was overblown and pointed out how many people spent time on UK beaches and crowded seaside towns during the height of the pandemic.

Boris Johnson has been repeatedly criticised that his domestic scandals could threaten his position on Ukraine as his international reputation is damaged.

When asked whether the Prime Minister could pull through, one man explained: “Because of the present government, the people running it, they haven’t shown competency in anything else, I have no confidence in their capability at the moment.”

Boris Johnson grilled on Downing Street party 'shame' by Raworth

Another man believed the situation was “iffy” because Mr Johnson had other things to focus on which distracted from the Ukraine crisis.

A voter believed people should “ease off” Mr Johnson and “just get on with it” before saying Labour rarely came up with solutions themselves.

Several agreed Mr Johnson should step down at the next General Election if they wanted to win their vote.

According to Politico, Labour lead the polls with 40 percent and the Conservative trail at 33 percent.

The Tories boasted an 11 point lead in June last year but since November, when scandals began to engulf the party, their lead has seen a sharp decline.

In Hitchin and Harpenden, the Liberal Democrats saw a 24.8 percentage point vote gain and took 35.4 percent of the vote.

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This increase, however, is likely a result of the campaign led by former Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn as the party lost 15.7 percentage points of the vote.

On the other hand, the Conservatives, led by Bim Afolami, won the seat with 47.1 percent of the vote but lost 6 percentage points in the last election.

Details of Downing Street parties began to be leaked to the press as well as Mr Johnson’s bid to intervene in Owen Paterson’s lobbying reprimand.

The Metropolitan Police is investigating the Prime Minister for his role in the No10 parties which also saw him apologising to the Queen.

It was revealed parties were held in Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral as the country was in mourning.

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