"Labour don’t fear incompetent clown Boris Johnson – he’s a £350m fibber"

Incompetent serial liar Boris Johnson is no longer feared by Labour.

In fact, Her Majesty’s Opposition is confident that unmasking the Tory scary clown will be easier than ever.

Repellent Boris is no longer electoral gold, with his wider popularity plummeting since the 2016 Europe referendum.

Much of the electorate has realised Boris “de Piffle” Johnson is a £350million fibber, his woeful record as London Mayor and then Foreign Secretary triggering Downing Street klaxons.

Boos, jeers and catcalls in public are the current soundtrack to a divisive character who would struggle to win a general election.

People laugh at, not with, Johnson these days. Only desperate times for desperate Tories have made the oaf the frontrunner for a panicking party.

Conservatives kid themselves if they think Labour is frightened of Johnson. Labour, assuming he will pick up Theresa May’s tarnished crown, is preparing a deadly assault.

Their weapon will be Johnson himself. Their ammunition? His contradictory words and deeds, which will be flung back in his self-satisfied face.

The vainglorious bumbler who ludicrously poses as Churchill will be lucky to have the status of arch-appeaser Neville Chamberlain in the nation’s eyes when Labour has finished.

The flip-flopper now vows Britain will leave Europe deal or no deal on Halloween – just to woo the Tory selectorate.

The reality is he is quite capable of betraying his most fanatical supporters by seeking an extension.

Remember it was Johnson who screamed May’s Brexit deal would turn Britain into a “vassal state” – only to then vote for it.

Let us recall it was Johnson who declared May would leave Northern Ireland a “semi-colony” of Europe, then ditched his DUP allies to vote for it.

Labour is split over who would be the most difficult opponent in No10.

I’ve listened to the strengths and weaknesses of Jeremy Hunt, Penny Mordaunt, Michael Gove and Sajid Javid dissected by Jeremy Corbyn’s team. The enemy they really relish facing is Johnson.

The Trump mini-me is made for Jezza. He would look a statesman next to the unfunny Tory clown.

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