Labour ‘talked to themselves about themselves’ – Starmer shamed as conference slammed

Keir Starmer heckled during Labour conference speech

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The Conservative MP attacked the Opposition for failing to spend the Labour Party Conference focusing on the issues that matter to Britons. He accused the party of being too preoccupied engaging in civil war.

While the Government grappled with how to respond to a fuel shortage crisis across the country, Labour’s annual meet in Brighton focused largely on internal rule changes and factional disputes.

The five-day event was marred by a series of embarrassing mishaps for Sir Keir.

On Monday night his shadow employment rights secretary, Andy McDonald, resigned from the front bench, attacking the leadership for not backing a £15 minimum wage.

Yesterday, the Bakers’ union severed its links with the party accusing Sir Keir of neglecting working-class “aims and hopes”.

Then, during a 90-minute address to members today to close the conference, Sir Keir faced heckled and jeered by a number of disenfranchised Corbynites.

Mr Dowden claimed the anarchy over the course of the conference was proof Labour was not fit for Government.

He said: “As Labour’s chaotic conference comes to an end, it is clear Sir Keir Starmer’s party is more divided than ever and has no plan.

“Labour spent five days talking to themselves about themselves instead of to the country.

“From resignations in the middle of their own conference, to their union backers deserting them, to disrupting their leader’s speech, Labour are too preoccupied fighting amongst themselves to put forward a plan for our country.”

Despite the criticisms, Sir Keir is understood to be happy with how the conference has gone.

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He believes there was always likely to be confrontations with the radical Left and is pleased to have got them out of the way at his first in-person conference so he can turn his attention to making Labour electable.

The only way Labour can change Britain is by changing the party, a spokesman said at the close of the conference.

He said: “What Keir Starmer is determined to do as the leader of the Labour Party is make change happen, and the only way to do that is changing the Labour Party so that we can change Britain.”

The spokesman added the leader was unfazed by heckling during his speech and the outbursts were not unexpected.

“Obviously there was clearly a view that there could be those who would want to express an opinion in the speech,” he said.

“Ultimately it didn’t distract from the message that Keir wanted to get across.

“He delivered the speech in the positive, optimistic, confident tone that I said yesterday was what he would be doing and that’s what he did today.

“We’re very happy with how it went, obviously.”

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