Liz Truss urged to offer more support Ukraine – ‘we have to help’

Ukraine must not be complacent as Putin struggles says expert

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The UK should do more to support Ukraine’s fight against Russian President Vladimir Putin’s invasion, a recent poll of readers has found. It comes as Prime Minister Liz Truss last week pledged to match or exceed the annual military aid spent on Ukraine, meaning that the UK will commit at least £2.3billion to support Ukraine next year.

Ms Truss used her speech to the UN General Assembly on Thursday, September 22 to emphasise the UK’s commitment to Ukraine – offering military, humanitarian and political support.

She said: “Ukraine’s victories in recent weeks have been inspirational. Time and time again these brave people have defied the doubters and showed what they can do when given the military, economic and political support they need.

“My message to the people of Ukraine is this: the UK will continue to be right behind you every step of the way. Your security is our security.”

In a poll that ran from 4pm on Thursday, September 22, to midday on Wednesday, September 28, asked readers: “Should UK do more to support Ukraine?”

In total, 2,345 people responded, with the majority, 62 percent (1,455 people), answering “yes”, the UK should do more to support Ukraine.

Meanwhile, 37 percent (856 people) said “no” and just one percent (34 people) said they did not know either way.

As readers shared their thoughts on the UK’s efforts to support Ukraine, dozens of comments were left below the accompanying article.

Many readers were in favour of offering more support to Ukraine, with username Doubledrd commenting: “Yes, 100 percent…we have to help.”

Username StephenDouglas said: “Give them what they need to do this quicker, the longer it takes the more it costs.”

And username UKconcernedcitizen wrote: “Of course we should do more. They are on the front line and losing everything. Whilst we sit safe behind!”

Some readers argued that Ukraine needed support to prevent the conflict from spreading further.


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Username ironduke said: “We must support Ukraine and see them win against this tyrant, otherwise we will be fighting the Russians.”

Another, username eclecticos said: “The reality is we either defeat Putin on Ukrainian soil or eventually have to fight him on our soil.” 

However, other readers thought the UK should not spend more aid on Ukraine, with username Stars1 commenting: “We have done more than enough already.”

Username Vixenbiker said: “No, we have done our bit, let other countries step up.”

While username judamac wrote: “No, the UK needs to do more to support the UK.”

The UK is the second-largest military donor to Ukraine, after the US, and support next year will be determined based on the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. 

However, it is expected to include Multiple Launch Rocket Systems which have proved effective in allowing Ukraine to regain 3,000 square kilometres of occupied territory in recent weeks.

Downing Street said that in the last year, the UK has provided hundreds of rockets, five air defence systems, 120 armoured vehicles and over 200,000 pieces of non-lethal military equipment. Since 2015, the British armed forces have trained 27,000 Ukrainian military personnel.

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