McDonnell savages Keir Starmer over plan to change leadership rules ‘Complete distraction’

Labour: McDonnell says arguing about rules 'a distraction'

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Former Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, John McDonnell argued the Labour Party should be focussing on the key issues facing Britons. While speaking with Kay Burley on Sky News, Mr McDonnell argued leader Sir Keir Starmer should not be looking to change the way leadership is elected in the party. Mr McDonnell argued the party should be focussing on the energy crisis, universal credit cutting, and wage freezes.

He added it was a distraction to focus on other things, and created a poor image for the party in comparison with Boris Johnson’s Conservative.

“We are told he wants to change the way your leadership is elected, is that a good idea?”

Ms McDonnell argued this was not a good use of time for the latest Labour Party conference in person.

He said: “I don’t think it is a good idea.

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“The reality is my constituents and people across the country are facing a really tough winter.

“To be seen by the people of this country then to go into our conference, the first time meeting together physically for such a long time.

“Then what do we do? We argue about the rules of the Labour Party, the constitution of the Labour Party.

“It is a complete distraction and the problem that we have got, in terms of the media presentation, you can see what is happening.

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“You have got Boris Johnson strutting the world stage, I think not doing a particularly good job.

“But he is there with Biden, he is preparing COP26, I think he is failing to do that effectively.

“But contrast that with our own leader who is doing what?

“He is having arguments over the constitution and the rules of the Labour Party, it isn’t a good image.”

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Sir Keir wants to reintroduce an electoral college system that gives Labour MPs a greater say over how future leaders and deputy leaders are chosen.

The one-member-one-vote system, introduced by former leader Ed Miliband, is credited with opening the way for Mr Corbyn to seize control of the party in 2015 and laying the ground for a shift to the hard left.

On the issue, Sir Keir has said: “Our rules as they are right now, focus us inwards to spend too much time talking to and about ourselves and they weaken the link with our unions.

“These are two things that have got to change if we are serious about winning the next election.”

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