‘Most embarrassing moment in our history’ Trump shames Joe Biden over Afghanistan

Donald Trump shames Biden over 'embarrassing' handling of Afghanistan

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Donald Trump has slammed the Biden administration over the US withdrawal from Afghanistan. The former US president branded the decision to pull US troops out of Afghanistan as the “most embarrassing moment in our history.” Trump sat down with GB News presenter Nigel Farage for a bombshell interview in which the former president attacked the record of the Biden White House. 

Trump told Farage on GB News: “If you look at what’s going on and Afghanistan with the withdrawal, which was, I think the most embarrassing moment in the history of our country and you look at our borders, what’s happening with our borders.

“You look at the cost of energy, we were energy independent and we no longer are.

“You look at so many different things, you and I could talk all day, and it’s a shame what’s happened to the United States.”

Mr Trump also hit out at Twitter for banning him, branding the move a “big mistake” when Taliban echelons are still allowed to have accounts. 

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Mr Farage said: “I was amazed the day the Taliban took over Kabul.

“I did put out a message that said it seemed ridiculous that their leadership was still active on Twitter and yet you were still banned.”

The former US President said: “They were wrong, what they did when dealing with the United States President, obviously, a popular president.

“I think they made a big mistake, and if they had to do it again they wouldn’t do it.

“We get the voice out, we have to do it, we have an obligation to do that.”


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