No love lost! Ruth Davidson fuming at Boris over party row – gives PM 48hrs to make U-turn

Boris Johnson: 'All credibility has gone' says Schofield

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The outgoing BBC Political Editor retweeted a post from the former Scottish Tory leader which slammed the Prime Minister over the Number 10 Partygate scandal. Ms Davidson, an MSP in the Scottish Parliament, was reacting to news that as many as 100 people were invited to Downing Street’s Christmas Party in December 2020 – when strict lockdown measures banned most indoor public gatherings.

Downing Street is yet to respond to questions on whether the Prime Minister followed a “bring your own booze” stipulation on the email invitation.

Reacting to the news, Mr Davidson tweeted: “This line won’t survive 48 hrs.

“Nobody needs an official to tell them if they were at a boozy shindig in their own garden.

“People are (rightly) furious.

“They sacrificed so much – visiting sick or grieving relatives, funerals. What tf (the f**k) were any of these people thinking?

Her tweet came in response to a post by ITV Political Editor Paul Brand, who broke the story by sharing an invitation email to the event.

He tweeted: “Health Minister Edward Argar has the unenviable job of defending No 10 this morning over the latest party.

“He says he can completely understand why people are ‘angry, upset and hurt by these allegations’ but we have to wait for Sue Gray’s internal investigation.”

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Summing all of this up, Ms Kuenssberg wrote: “No love lost btw (between) Ruth Davidson and Johnson, but she’s far from the only Tory to think (the) situation is a total mess.”

The BBC political journalist went further in an opinion piece on the corporation’s website today.

She claimed that the scandal was “deeply troubling” for Mr Johnson – who is facing mounting dissatisfaction both within and outside of the Conservative Party.

Ms Kuenssberg added: “For most of Monday the chatter among MPs and ministers getting back into the parliamentary routine was that the mood had calmed, the Tory anger at No 10’s chaos had eased off after a liberal application of mince pies and eggnog.

“Disillusionment with Downing Street was still extremely common but the heat, and with it the political pressure, had cooled somewhat.

“But now, with this new damaging fodder for the opposition, don’t be so sure.”

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