‘Normally a resigning matter’ Raab admits Boris must leave if he ‘deliberately lied’

Dominic Raab admits lying to Commons is a 'resigning matter'

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Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab made an appearance on BBC Radios 4’s Today show hosted by Nick Robinson. The Deputy Prime Minister made the rounds this morning on breakfast news TV whilst calls for Prime Minister Boris Johnson resignation continue to roll in from Brits and MPs around the country, due to allegations of alleged lockdown party rule breaks at Number 10 Downing Street. Mr Raab admitted that lying in Parliament to the House of Commons is a ‘resigning matter’ when asked if Prime Minister Boris Johnson would face consequences if he is found to of lied to the Commons.

Mr Robinson said: “If a Prime Minister lies to the Commons are there consequences?”

Mr Raab said: “Look there it would normally if it’s not corrected, I mean if it’s lying and deliberate in the way you described.

“If it’s not corrected immediately it would normally, under the Ministerial code be…And the Governments around Parliament be a resigning matter.

“That is the principle and we uphold the high standards of principles in public life.

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Mr Raab added: “That is critically important.”

Mr Robinson said: “You use the word normally?”

Mr Raab said: “Because I don’t have the rules in front of me to quote you verbatim.

“Forgive me as a lawyer but I like to be accurate about this.

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Mr Raab added: “What I’m absolutely saying is that the standards are there for a reason.

“People in public office are meant to hold the high standards, and I think it’s absolutely right.”

Dominic Cummings a political strategist who previously served as Chief Adviser to Boris Johnson until November 2020 has had a lot to say on the boozy party allegations at Downing Street.

Mr Cummins has also stated that he would happily ‘swear under oath’ that Prime Minister Boris Johnson lied to Parliament about parties.


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In an updated blog post, Mr Cummings said: “Amid discussion over the future of the Cabinet Secretary and PPS himself, which had been going on for days, I said to the PM something like: ‘Martin’s invited the building to a drinks party, this is what I’m talking about, you’ve got to grip this madhouse.

“The PM waved it aside. The events of May 20 alone, never mind the string of other events, mean the PM lied to Parliament about parties.

“Not only me but other eyewitnesses who discussed this at the time would swear under oath this is what happened.”

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