‘People looking for answers’ Boris warned pressure to rise as cost of living key threat

Cost of living: People are ‘looking for answers’ says pollster

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The research director of IPSOS has declared the cost of living crisis is the key issue influencing voter decisions as local elections approach. Keiran Pedley advised the Prime Minister should seek to rapidly address rising prices in order to prevent loyal Tory voters from drifting to rival parties. The pollster explained: “The way to think about this is almost in three tranches, the cost of living is way out in front in terms of the number one issue on voter’s minds.

“There’s a battery of issues in the mix – you’ve mentioned asylum seekers but also climate change, things to do with levelling up as well.”

Mr Pedley told GB News: “Relatively speaking, partygate is lower down the list, but just because something is less important, it comparatively doesn’t make it unimportant.” 

“One of the things we noticed is the people who don’t like Boris Johnson place a greater importance on that issue,” he added.

The political research expert speculated partygate could still lose a considerable number of Conservative votes despite not placing as a top concern among voters.

He suggested: “What you might find, either in this election or in future elections, is that people who are critics of Johnson might be more inclined to turn up to vote against him because of some of those issues.

“We have to stress that the cost of living is front and centre of people’s minds.

He continued: “In the longer term it’s going to be Boris Johnson, Rishi Sunak, whoever’s in charge nationally that people are going to be looking to for answers.”

The research director suggested the Prime Minister would be held accountable for the sharp rise in the cost of living creating a financial crisis in many households across the country.

Mr Pedley proposed Boris Johnson should make every effort to combat the steep price increase if he hopes to cling onto national Conservative support.

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The local elections are set to take place on Thursday as the first vote since the cost of living crisis took hold of the country.

The partygate scandal of Conservative lockdown violations will also pose contention to previously loyal Tory votes.

In addition, the Conservative party have been at the forefront of vile misogyny accusations within Parliament.

Tory MP Neil Parish recently resigned after he admitted to watching porn while in the House of Commons.

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The research director of IPSOS suggested the local elections will present a “complex picture” of the national political perspective.

The elections will of course cover local issues of planning, rubbish collection, and highway maintenance but will also indicate an attitude towards national issues.

Polling experts have speculated Tory strongholds could be contested as a result of the recent political scandal concerning the Prime Minister.

If the Conservatives were to lose a considerable number of seats in the local elections, political research suggests a vote of no confidence may be called against the Prime Minister.

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