Piers Morgan triggers furious clash between Hartley-Brewer and Green during tense exchange

Julia Hartley-Brewer compared to Piers Morgan in MP clash

Former Deputy Prime Minister Damian Green discussed the issues surrounding schools reopening and faced aggressive interrogation about their reopening. During a barrage of questions from Ms Hartley-Brewer, Mr Green compared her to Piers Morgan who is known for his outspoken and antagonistic personality. The offended radio host quipped she was nothing like the pundit as she “actually cares about the people in this country.”

Speaking on her talkRADIO show, Ms Hartley-Brewer asked: “Why are millions of children having their education sacrificed, their mental health sacrificed, meanwhile people who are in their seventies who have got the vaccine are also required to stay at home? 

“If they’re staying at home and they’re not allowed to see anyone, what does it matter if children are back at school, it doesn’t make sense.” 

Mr Green replied: “Well, if everyone obeyed the rules that’d be fine…”

The talkRADIO presenter interrupted and queried: “Who are the people not obeying the rules? 

“Everyone is pointing their fingers, but who are the people not obeying the rules?”

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The politician pointed out it was those who were holding weddings and parties during lockdown. 

The UK introduced an £800 fine for anyone attending parties made up of 15 people or more. 

Party hosts would be slapped with a £10,000 fine. 

Ms Hartley-brewer continued: “How many people do you know who have been doing that, these things are in the news because they are exceptions. 

“The evidence is clear, the vast majority of people are obeying the rules.”

Boris Johnson discusses the ‘roadmap’ for reopening of schools

She then asked again why pupils can not go to schools when grandparents are having to isolate regardless if they have a vaccine or not. 

Mr Green said children would not have to wait long to go back to schools with a frustrated Julia expressing her anger once more. 

The MP then demanded if he could get a word in and warned she should not turn into Piers Morgan. 

An offended Ms Hartley-Brewer bit back and said: “No I am the exact opposite of Piers Morgan because I actually care about the people of this country and want to get them back to work and kids back to school.” 


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Mr Green sheepishly continued the interview and said it was worth waiting before getting kids back to school as he did not want to see them close again. 

Ms Hartley-Brewer asked how he could guarantee this would be the last time schools would need to be locked down since the Government promised before schools would not close. 

Mr Green explained it was for exactly that reason he wanted a slower approach as it would allow the UK to look beyond reopening only for spring or summer if actions were meticulously thought out. 

Schools in the UK are closed for everyone except children of key workers and vulnerable children. 

Prime Minister Boris Johnson said schools would not open before March 8 however some schools in Wales and Scotland are planning to reopen for the end of February. 

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