‘Point finger at yourself, Angela!’ Rayner mocked as police send beergate questionnaire

Angela Rayner clashes with Jane Moore over 'Beergate'

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Ms Rayner, who is being described by a source as “the real power in the Labour Party”, has received a questionnaire along with Sir Keir Starmer for attending the pre-arranged “beergate” event in April last year where more than £200 of curry was consumed and washed down with beer. Both Sir Keir and Ms Rayner have denied breaking the rules, but they have promised to resign if fined for the event.

The embarrassing revelation came just a few hours after Ms Rayner had attacked the Prime Minister for being fined for eating cake on his birthday before a meeting in the Cabinet Room.

Many have speculated that the bar was set so low for fines with the cake incident that Sir Keir and Ms Rayner will not be able to escape one themselves.

Express.co.uk understands that the news that Ms Rayner has received a questionnaire – something that she and Sir Keir claimed the Prime Minister should resign over when he received one – led to a flurry of jokes on Whatsapp groups among Tory MPs.

One Northern Conservative MP said: “While Rayner has been busy pointing the finger at anyone who isn’t her, this news should not only embarrass but hopefully ensure she keeps her counsel before commenting on others.”

Another added: “She should point the finger at herself.”

Earlier Ms Rayner mocked the Prime Minister in a press release.

She said: “This Prime Minister has been reduced to desperately phoning around his mutinous MPs offering out baubles in a doomed attempt to save his own skin.

“His dishevelled Government is asleep at the wheel at the very time that their rank incompetence has left us with the highest inflation in the G7 and a cost of living crisis that is worsening every day.

“The Prime Minister should get off the blower and instead get a grip on the passport delays and travel chaos that is threatening to blight the Jubilee Weekend for so many.”

But it appears the problems for Ms Rayner have only just begun.

Questions are still being asked about why Labour tried to cover up her presence at the curry event in Durham last year on April 30.

At first Sir Keir claimed only six people were there and it was not pre-planned but Durham Police, who initially cleared the Labour leader and others, have now sent 20 people questionnaires to explain their actions.

A memo has also revealed that it was pre-planned despite Labour’s claims and questions are also being asked about whether it was a break in their work as described by Sir Keir.

However, one source speculated that Ms Rayner demanded her presence be covered up because “she is the real power” not Sir Keir.

They pointed to how Sir Keir took a knee for Black Lives Matter at Ms Rayner’s insistence and how her union allies are able to dictate policy for the party.


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