POLL: Should NatWest’s whole board resign over Nigel Farage scandal?

Nigel Farage shares his thoughts on NatWest boss resigning

NatWest boss Dame Alison Rose resigned from her position in the early hours of Wednesday after she admitted to being the BBC’s source of an inaccurate story about Former Ukip Leader Nigel Farage’s bank account.

NatWest chairman Sir Howard Davies issued a statement at 2am on her resignation, which said: “The Board and Alison Rose have agreed, by mutual consent, that she will step down as CEO of the NatWest Group. She has dedicated all her working life so far to NatWest and will leave many colleagues who respect and admire her.”

Mr Farage, whose Coutts account was at the centre of the scandal, said that Dame Alison’s resignation is a “start” but called for the entire board to quit their positions too.

He questioned Peter Flavel and Sir Howard’s “untrue” statement of support towards Dame Alison published just hours before she quit.

He explained that all members of the NatWest board “backed that statement that was put out at 17.42 yesterday”, adding: “Anybody that backed that behaviour, should be gone.”

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The Former MEP told GB News on Wednesday morning: “The first rule of banking is you have to respect the privacy of the customer. You also have to respect the GDPR regulations. They were both broken, very clearly, by the boss of NatWest.

“I hope that this serves as a warning to the banking industry. We need both cultural and legal changes to a system that has unfairly shut down many thousands of innocent people. I will do my best to be their voice.”

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While Tory MP David Jones said that Dame Alison leaving her position was the “right thing to do, albeit very belated”.

He added: “The next question is: what will the NatWest board do? Only yesterday [Tuesday] they were declaring full confidence in her. How can they expect customers, shareholders and the taxpayer to retain confidence in them?”

So what do YOU think? Should Natwest’s whole board resign over the scandal? Vote in our poll and join the debate in the comment section below.

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