Priti Patel heralds ‘great victory’ for drivers as fuel duty frozen

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Priti Patel has heralded a “great victory” for drivers across the UK after Jeremy Hunt announced that fuel duty will be frozen for another year. She said the freeze will “save businesses thousands of pounds a year and help families every time they fill up their cars.” Meanwhile, Tory MP Jonathan Gullis said the freeze shows motorists that the Government is “on their side”.

This is the thirteenth year in a row the duty has been frozen.

The 5p cut to the fuel duty rate is also being extended for another year.

The cut was introduced last year by Rishi Sunak when he was Chancellor in an attempt to keep soaring pump prices down.

This was due to come to an end later this month.

Announcing the freeze in the House of Commons earlier, the Chancellor said: “Because inflation remains high, I have decided now is not the right time to uprate fuel duty with inflation or increase the duty.

“So here’s what I am going to do: for a further 12 months I’m going to maintain the 5p cut and I’m going to freeze fuel duty too. That saves the average driver £100 next year and around £200 since the 5p cut was introduced.”

Speaking about the changes, Ms Patel told the Daily Express: “This is a great victory for drivers campaigning to keep fuel costs down and families and businesses across the country will welcome the Chancellor’s decision to maintain the freeze on fuel duty.

“With FairFuelUK we’ve been campaigning to keep fuel costs down to support efforts to curb inflation and to help the economy to grow and I am pleased that the Chancellor has listened.

“Freezing fuel duty will save businesses thousands of pounds a year and help families every time they fill up their cars.”

Mr Gullis, MP for Stoke-on-Trent North, said: “I want to thank the Chancellor for having the backs of motorists in Stoke-on-Trent North, Kidsgrove and Talke, and supporting my campaign to keep the cut to fuel duty.

“Keeping the prices down at the pump is so important because so many of us rely on our vehicles.

“Whether it’s getting the kids to school, to and from work, visiting the relatives, or attending a hospital appointment, driving is an everyday part of life.

“Motorists needed to see, now more than ever, we are on their side, and I am proud that once again it is this Prime Minister, this Chancellor, and this Conservative Party who have the interests of Britain’s 37 million motorists at the heart of the Budget.”

Campaign group FairFuelUK also praised the changes, describing the tax as “regressive”.

Howard Cox, the group’s founder, said: “Thanks to some very in-touch with reality MPs and pressure from FairFuelUK supporters the OBR’s 12p rise in fuel duty has been scuppered.

“Drivers and the economy will benefit from this regressive tax on hold for at least another year.

“But we await to know whether the Chancellor will adopt PumpWatch a striking omission in his speech.”

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