Raab sparks Twitter frenzy as he seemingly mouths insult at Starrmer

PMQs: MP shouts ‘bring the lettuce back’

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Dominic Raab has been spotted calling Sir Keir Starmer a “w***er” under his breath while the Labour leader delivered a speech during Prime Minister’s Questions. Britons flooded Twitter after the camera cut to the justice minister sitting next to Rishi Sunak appearing to mouth the insult with a broad smile across his face. Users questioned how “acceptable” it was to use such language, even if it was under his breath, while others expressed shock at the bluntness of the comment. His apparent insult came as Sir Keir claimed the Conservative Party was “too weak to stand up for working people”. 

Commenting on the incident, @Sparry951 said: “Anybody else just spot Dominic Raab mouthing “w***er” at Keir Starmer during #PMQs.” 

@guytrengove also commented: “Did Dominic Raab just call Starmer a ‘w***er’? #PMQs”

Another user said: “In today’s #PMQs, when the Leader of the Opposition was saying ‘too weak to stand up for working people’ Dominic Raab appeared to say, or mouth, a word at Keir Starmer. 

“That word looked very much like ‘wanker’. Did  DR mouth or say ‘wanker’, and if so, is this acceptable?”

Preceding Mr Raab’s supposed insult, Sir Keir said: “Mr Speaker, it is a pattern with this Prime Minister. Too weak to sack the security threat sat around the Cabinet table. 

“Too weak to take part in a leadership contest after he lost the first one. Too weak to stand up for working people.” 

It was at that point that the camera cut to Mr Sunak, with Mr Raab on his right and home secretary Suella Braverman on his left, with the deputy PM mouthing the word “w***er”. 

Sir Keir added: “He spent weeks flirting with the climate change deniers in his party then scuttled off to Cop at the last minute. In the budget next week, he will be too weak to end his oil and gas giveaway, scrap the non-dom tax breaks and end the farce of taxpayers subsidising private schools. 

“Mr Speaker, if he cannot even stand up to a cartoon bully with a pet spider, if he is too scared to face the public in an election, what chance has he got of running the country?”

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Exchanges at Prime Minister’s Questions on Wednesday were particularly heated following the resignation of controversial minister Sir Gavin Williamson on Tuesday night. 

The cabinet minister was accused of bullying fellow colleagues, including former party chief whip Wendy Morton, and telling a senior civil servant to “slit their throat”. 

Mr Sunak, pressed by the leader of the Opposition on the appointment of Sir Gavin, admitted that he “absolutely regretted” electing him to a Cabinet role. 

Addressing reports that former Tory Party chairman Jake Berry had made Mr Sunak aware of allegations against Sir Gavin the day before the new Prime Minister promoted him, he said he was never aware of the full extent and details of the bullying.


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Mr Sunak was aware of a complaint by former chief whip Wendy Morton but said he did not know about the “slit your throat” complaint by a civil servant while Sir Gavin led the Ministry of Defence or his behaviour while chief whip.

Sir Gavin resigned as minister without portfolio just a fortnight after the Prime Minister appointed him, despite concerns about the MP who was twice sacked from the Cabinet in disgrace.

Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer used Prime Minister’s Questions to pressure Mr Sunak over how the allegedly bullied official felt at hearing him welcome the resignation “with great sadness”.

Mr Sunak responded: “Unequivocally the behaviour complained of was unacceptable and it’s absolutely right that the right honourable gentleman has resigned.

“For the record, I did not know about any of the specific concerns relating to his conduct as secretary of state or chief whip that date back some years.”


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