Remoaners dismantled as Brexit Britain delivering on trade pledges ‘We’re cooking on gas!’

Brexit: 'We're cooking on gas' says MP Matt Vickers

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Britain has signed trade deals and agreements with 69 countries and one with the EU, a majority of which are rollover deals with 63 countries after Brexit. But new free trade agreements including one with New Zealand are set to boost trade and positively benefit jobs. Matt Vickers MP has detailed how the the UK is “trading with the world”.

Speaking to, Mr Vickers said: “When we look back to 2016, how far down the line are we?

“We’re out there now, we’ve got trade deals with how many countries.

“We’re cooking on gas.

“There’s lots of corners to square off but actually we’re getting on with it, we’re trading with the world.”

It comes as Downing Street has said the Government is “disappointed” by threats from French fishermen to blockade the Channel Tunnel in the dispute over post-Brexit fishing rights.

The fishermen’s national committee said it would stage protests on Friday at the tunnel and the Channel ports of Calais, Saint- Malo and Ouistreham.

In a statement it said the action, which will take place over a few hours, was intended to be “symbolic and non-violent”.

A No 10 spokesman said they expected the French authorities to prevent any illegal action by the protesters and to ensure trade flows remained open.

Germany slams UK for breaching Brexit agreement

“We are disappointed by threats of protest activity,” the spokesman said.

“It will be a matter for the French to ensure that there are no illegal actions and that trade is not affected. We continue to monitor the situation closely.”

The latest action comes after the French fishermen blockaded the port of St Helier in Jersey last May.

They are angry over not receiving more licences to fish in UK and Channel Islands waters under the terms of Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU – the Trade and Co-operation Agreement (TCA).


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The fisherman’s committee chairman Gerard Romiti said the attitude of the British authorities were “provocative” and “humiliating”.

“We don’t want handouts, we just want our licences back,” he said, according to French media reports.

“The UK must respect the post-Brexit deal. Too many fishermen are still in the dark.”

The latest flare-up in the dispute comes amid tensions between London and Paris over a range of issues.

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