Sadiq Khan faces backlash after attack on Trump – ‘London wants to see the back of you!’

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London mayor Sadiq Khan accused the US President Donald Trump of being hate-fuelled and a politician of division. While speaking to LBC, Mr Khan said, if he had the opportunity, he would be voting for Joe Biden. However, Mr Khan quickly faced a backlash on Twitter following his comments.

Many social media users countered by criticising the London mayor and his popularity.

Mr Khan said: “It is not a tough choice for me, I would be voting for Joe Biden to be the next President of the USA.

“The choice my American friends have is a continuation of a hate-fuelled President who believes in division, politics of hatred, divided communities or a new feature for America.

“One filled with hope and unity and I am hoping the team of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris win.

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“Hopefully we continue to have a special relationship this time with a President we can proudly call our friend rather than the current one.”

Mr Khan was also asked what his message would be to Donald Trump today and the London Mayor replied by saying he was sure the President didn’t want advice from him. 

Following the interview, many social media users took to Twitter to attack Mr Khan.

One user said: “His opinion doesn’t matter.

“It is rich coming from Khan, he has failed on knife crime in the capital.”

Another added: “Kind of ironic really because a lot of Londoners would love to see the back of Khan”.

While another commented: “I think most people want to see the back of him.

“He has destroyed our beautiful, vibrant capital city.”

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A Twitter user reiterated: “Londoners can’t wait to see the back of you too Mr Khan.”

While another added: “Yet again Khan is butting into others business while not being good at his own job.

“This is just deflecting from his own shortcomings.

“London traffic and CC just two things he has failed at miserably.”

It comes as Americans go to the polls today to vote in the US election.

Democrat Joe Biden is favourite to win among most polls, but Mr Trump defied them four years ago.

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