SNP suffer brutal slap down over Scottish drug deaths ‘Stop obsessing over independence!’

Mhairi Black clashes with Stewart on independence

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SNP MP Mhairi Black has clashed with Scotland Office Minister Iain Stewart in Parliament during a fraught exchange over Scotland’s drug death record. During Scotland Questions in the House of Commons on Wednesday Ms Black slammed the Government for not passing legislation to decriminalize drug use amid a record number of deaths in Scotland. In response, Mr Steward shut down the suggestion that the UK Government was not taking the issue seriously, and in turn, he questioned the Scottish Government’s focus on independence.

Mr Stewart told MPs: “We have put forward some very concrete suggestions.”

“But I do remind her the vast majority of powers in this area lie with the Scottish Government.

“And her government has been in power for 14 years.

“Perhaps they should spend a little bit more effort on tackling these social issues rather than obsessing about independence which no one wants.” 


Earlier in the debate, Ms Black had argued that health needed to be the main approach to tackling drug addiction in Scotland.

The SNP MP argued the UK Government claimed to be taking drug crime in Scotland seriously but had “changed absolutely nothing.” 

“Crimes linked to drugs in Scotland cost £750 million a year to investigate and prosecute,” she told MPs.

“Experts tell us that that money could be better spent.”


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