Starmer skewered as SNP blasts Labour over Brexit reversal

Starmer skewered as SNP blasts Labour over Brexit reversal

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SNP MP Pete Wishart threw a tantrum in the House of Commons, deploring Labour’s sudden U-turn on Brexit. The pro-Scottish independence MP argued Brexit and all its outstanding cannot be resolved because it is a failed political strategy. He added the fact the two major Westminster political parties are campaigning on the same promises makes the case for Scottish independence even stronger.

Speaking from the House of Commons, Peter Wishart said: “And as this disaster unfurls, isn’t so disappointing to see the Labour Party embracing it, the Labour Party becoming another party of Brexit? 

“But, Mr Deputy Speaker, it’s alright!

“They’re going to make Brexit work! Aren’t we all relieved about that then?

“The thing is, and I’ll say it candidly, to my colleagues on the Labour frontbench, you can’t make Brexit work!”

The SNP MP claimed Brexit will never work and suggested anti-European sentiment has been manufactured by the Conservative Party for political gain and to distract the British public from Britain’s internal crises.

He said: “In fact, it’s designed not to work. 

“Brexit was never and is never a political strategy, so it can’t work. 

“What Brexit is, is an ideological venture driven by these guys over here, founded by and predicated on British exceptionalism, the exclusion of others, and an almost pathological hatred of everything European. 

“But Labour is going to make it work, and they’re actually going to make it work, Mr Deputy Speaker, without revisiting the Single Market or reinstating freedom of movement.”

In his furious rant, Peter Wishart said the Labour’s turnaround is emboldening the SNP to finally get independence and join the European Union.

“They may have given up on getting back into Europe. These benches here will never give up on our European ambitions. 

“And we will lead an independent Scotland back into the European Union. We are a European nation which values our EU membership, which voted to remain and aspires to return. 

“And with Scottish independence, we will put Scotland back into the heart of Europe in line with the wishes of the Scottish people.”

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Keir Starmer made a dramatic volte-face in the Labour’s Brexit policy in early July, pledging to make Brexit work after he said Boris Johnson’s Government got Brexit done but failed to implement it.

Among the new promises made by the Labour leader – if the Labour Party ever goes back to power – are sorting out the Northern Ireland Protocol, tearing down unnecessary trade barriers, supporting Britain’s world-leading services and scientists, keeping Britain safe through a pact with the European Union and investing in Britain. 

With the move, Mr Starmer has alienated the SNP, as the pro-independence party is currently campaigning to break away from the UK and join the European Union.

The Labour leader also stressed that re-joining the EU’s Single Market or restoring free movement was off the table.

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