Stop Brexit Man moves in next to Jacob Rees-Mogg in £15,000 crowdfunded campaign

The UK’s most ardent Stop Brexit protester has moved in next to the UK’s most plummy-voiced Brexiteer thanks to a £15,000 crowdfunded campaign.

Steve Bray, 49, has been put up with his team in a luxury Airbnb so he can be a short walk from Parliament.

There he stands every day in an EU top hat, pops up behind BBC interviewees and bellows "STOP BREXIT!".

In the ultimate act of trolling (accidental or not) the pad is on the same street as Brexiteer Jacob Rees-Mogg’s five-storey £5.6million mansion – which is opposite him a few doors down.

And the odd couple neighbours are already getting on famously – with Mr Rees-Mogg offering his new neighbour a cup of sugar.

Mr Bray, from Port Talbot, confirmed on Twitter : "We rent the house 4 nights a week on AirBnb  paid for by supporters in fundraiser.

"I’ve stopped taking sugar in my tea but thank you very much Mr Rees-Mogg."

The Welshman infamously heckled Jacob Rees-Mogg while the Tory announced he was sending a letter of no confidence in Theresa May .

His eccentric protests, which include bellowing ‘STOP BREXIT’ at the top of his lungs daily outside Parliament, have interrupted countless TV interviews.

Broadcasters even erected a scaffolding tower to avoid his placards popping up in the background – an effort he promptly ruined by sticking his signs on 10ft poles.

Mr Bray told the Mirror in November: "I’m patriotic. I’m Welsh, I’m British, I’m European.

"We are all better together. History has taught us that.

"And Mr Rees-Mogg – if you’re listening – you are NOT going to destroy our nation."

More than 500 people have contributed £15,000 to the effort to keep Mr Bray and his team in the Airbnb until at least March 29, racking up a £12,000 bill.

The fundraising site wrote: "Having a temporary campaign HQ right in the heart of Westminster has given Steve Bray extra energy.

"The whole team are able to come together, share supper and plan the next day’s strategy to keep several steps ahead of the Leave campaign."

Extra funds are thought to have come from high-profile Remain campaigner and Pimlico Plumbers boss Charlie Mullins, the Mail on Sunday reported.

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