‘Stop the party politics’ German MEP Weber hits out at Boris’s leak in angry Brexit rant

The former Leader of the European People’s Party in the European Parliament since 2014 accused the Prime Minister of “scoring political points”. Speaking in the European Parliament, Mr Weber said: “What concerns me is the style of debate. Yesterday, a telephone conversation between Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson and this blame game was happening.

“People are pointing the fingers and making no headway.

“We have to ask ‘what’s going on?’

“What’s going on in our foundations when party politics becomes more important than the interest of the country.

“I think that’s what the negotiations ought to have been about.

“The idea of Boris Johnson not to have discussions in the chamber, not to look at the initiatives that Mr Juncker has come up with but the proposals Mr Johnson had about Brexit were presented at the Tory party conference.

“It’s not about having decent discussions with partners but it’s about scoring political points.

“I think when it comes to serious policies it’s important that we bring together interests rather than splitting a country.”

His comments come after the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier said he believed that reaching an exit deal with Britain was “very difficult but possible”.

But German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Mr Johnson in a phone call on Tuesday a deal was incredibly unlikely.

Mr Barnier has said, of the British proposals: “To put things frankly and to try and be objective. We are not really in a position to be able to find an agreement.”

He continued: “The British proposals do not give us the same security as we have with the backstop…What happens if we can’t find a solution during the transition period?

“Then it relies on UK unilateral measures. Then there is a significant risk to EU single market.”


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The news comes after ministers in a cabinet meeting warned Mr Johnson about the “grave” risk of the return of direct rule in Northern Ireland and raised concerns about his most senior adviser and Brexit mastermind Dominic Cummings.

A cabinet minister told the newspaper: “Cabinet will set the strategy, not unelected officials. If this is an attempt to do that then it will fail.”

Its comes after EU boss Donald Tusk accused Britain of playing a “stupid blame game” over Brexit after a Downing Street source said a Brexit deal was essentially impossible because German Chancellor Angela Merkel had made unacceptable demands.

Meanwhile, EU chief Jean-Claude Juncker warned a no deal Brexit would cause the collapse of the UK.

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