Suella Braverman resignation: How the Home Secretary was ousted

Suella Braverman steps down as Home Secretary

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Suella Braverman is being courted by rightwing MPs in the Conservative Party to form a resistance to the “wet Remainer agenda” of Liz Truss and Jeremy Hunt after she was forced out of the Government. has learnt the inside story of how the now former Home Secretary was ousted on “tenuous grounds” because of policy differences with the Prime Minister and her new Chancellor.

Ms Braverman this morning believed she was emailing a written answer on immigration for an MP to her mentor, former minister Sir John Hayes for a” fresh pair of eyes” to check she had not missed anything out.

Sir John, a former security minister and close friend for her entire Parliamentary career, had been her policy advisor in the leadership election and is the founder of the influential Common Sense Group which helped Ms Truss get elected as leader.

Unfortunately, in a mistake Ms Braverman accidentally emailed another Tory MP’s office from a different wing of the party.

The member of staff and MP raised a complaint and understands realising her mistake, Ms Braverman reported herself to the department.

The issue was only deemed a “technical breach” rather than a serious one because a written answer is not confidential and would be published anyway or public consumption.

But Ms Braverman’s senior civil servant, the permanent secretary Matthew Rycroft insisted on escalating the issue and told Ms Braverman to speak to the Prime Minister.

When Ms Braverman met Ms Truss, the Prime Minister simply said: “Well you better resign then.”

The meeting descended, according to friends of Ms Braverman, into a “90 minute shouting match” over the incident, immigration and other policy differences,, Ms Truss’ lack of leadership and the parlous state of a goverrnment in collapse.

One source suggested that Ms Braverman told the Prime Minister that it was she who should go instead.

Dominic Cummings has tweeted that ministers regularly share documents on their emails and suggested that there were other motives.

He said: “Given gvt docs, incl OFF-SEN are routinely circulated by top no10 & CABOFF (Cabinet Office) officialsby gmail and whatsapp DAILY, the idea that sending a draft WMS via gmail = sacking/ resignation offence is laughable. Clearly fired by PM/ Hunt.”

Another former minister said: “It was clearly trumped up to get Suella out of the Government.

“She and the Prime Minister had strong differences on immigration and of course this written answer was on immigration.”

Brexiteer backbenchers have described themselves as “disgusted”, “furious” and “outraged”.

Ms Braverman, who was one of the Brexit spartans to hold out against Theresa May’s compromise deals, wanted to keep the Tory manifesto promise of bringing immigration down and using Brexit powers to take back control of borders.

Ms Truss, on the other hand, was pushing for a massive increase in immigration to support economic growth.

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New Chancellor Jeremy Hunt appears to have taken over the Truss Government since being appointed on Friday and ripping up her tax cuts on Monday. yesterday revealed Ms Braverman was on a long black list of ministers he had told Ms Truss to sack from the Cabinet and junior roles to be replaced by his allies.

One of his allies Grant Shapps has been appointed as Ms Braverman’s replacement as Home Secretary.

A senior ERG member told “Suella needs a little time but many of us want her to lead the resistance against the One Nation wets who have performed a coup on this Government.

“When, because it is not if but when, there is a leadership election there will be no coronation f whoever the wets want and Suella will be encouraged to stand.”

Approaches have already been made to international trade secretary Kemi Badenoch to ensure there is a single candidate of the right when Ms Truss is deposed.

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