They never learn! EU to focus on further ‘integration’ now Brexit out of the way

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Brexit: Impact for EU ‘will be positive’ says political scientist

Political scientist Tanja Börzel said Brexit has “galvanized” the remaining members of the European Union with Brussels now looking to forge further strong integration between the EU 27. Ms Borzel added that she thinks the impact of the UK leaving on the EU “will be positive rather than negative.”

Ms Börzel told DW: “Brexit is often talked about as an issue of disintegration, and it depends how you define disintegration.

“Yes, the EU for the first time lost a member but at the same time, this has in a way somewhat paradoxically galvanised integration among the remaining 27 members.

“First I think the deal, the multiannual financial framework plus the economic recovery programme that was decided…I don’t think it would have been possible with Britain still sitting on the table.

“Secondly the EU has been, the 27 members have bee,  incredibly united in their position when negotiating with the UK.”

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She added: “This was not obvious at the very beginning, particularly Germany with its strong economic interests in Britain.

“We seemed to be blinking, Merkel was at the very beginning calling for a pragmatic deal and the Polish because of their interests in migrant workers sending them to Britain.

“I mean it could have well happened that the European Union, the EU 27 would have unravelled and then it would have been a different deal.”

The political analyst added: “‘So already in these two respects, I think we see more rather than less Europe.

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“It is a historic deal in many respects but I think in the end the impact for the EU will be positive rather than negative.”

Facts4EU.Org warns the UK faces the prospect of forking out billions to the EU – with payments scheduled for the next 44 years.

The preliminary report, published on the organisation’s website, breaks down the total amount handed over to Brussels in the four-and-a-half years since the referendum.

The figure comprises £5.1billion in the second half of 2016, £9.3billion in 2017, £9.1billion in 2018, £9.4billion in 2019 and £8.2billion last year.

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Taking June 24, 2016 – the day after the referendum result – as a starting point, the UK has therefore paid the EU £24,863,554 a day in the 1,649 days since the vote.

David Evans, spokesman for the Facts4EU.Org team told its report was based on official Government figures gathered from HM Treasury, the Office for Budget Responsibility, and the House of Commons Library.

The figure comprises £5.1billion in the second half of 2016, £9.3billion in 2017, £9.1billion in 2018, £9.4billion in 2019 and £8.2billion last year.

“And according to the Office for Budget Responsibility, we still have another 44 years of further payments to come. This will take us to 2064.

“There’s now no doubt that the eventual bill from the EU will be much higher in the end.”

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