‘Thought Brexit was about getting control back?’ Ferrari in swipe at immigration stats

PM has become 'liberal' with immigration says commentator

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Speaking to LBC host Nick Ferrari, Political commentator Claire Pearsall claimed Boris Johnson has been “much more liberal” when it comes to immigration. Referring to the Rwanda policy, she expressed scepticism about the actualisation of the policy and added Boris Johnson’s points-based immigration system has opened up “half of all UK jobs to foreign workers”. LBC host Nick Ferrari also questioned the Government’s strategy as he reacted to reports showing one million people had been granted permission to live in the UK last year.

Mr Ferrari: “I thought that Brexit was all about getting control of borders back?”

Ms Pearsall responded: “Well, that is what it was sold to us as.

“Unfortunately, [PM Boris Johnson] appears to have been now much more liberal in looking at immigration.”

He pointed out: “Would you describe Rwanda policy as liberal?”

She said “No, I wouldn’t .

“But have we seen a single person set on a plane over to Rwanda?

“The Prime Minister opened up a points-based immigration system.

“Which quite a lot of us at the time said wouldn’t work.

“And what has been done is open up half of all jobs in the United Kingdom to foreign workers.

“Previously, employers would have had to have proven that a British person couldn’t do that job before looking in the foreign labour markets.

“You crux of all of these things together and you can’t look at one item in isolation”.

The Government’s plan to send asylum seekers to Rwanda is “irrational” and “unlawful”, according to campaigners.

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Freedom From Torture recently challenged the government’s claims that Rwanda is “generally a safe country” for refugees and argued that the policy was “unlawful on the basis of apparent pre-determination on bias”.

The remarks follow a pre-action letter that the charity sent to the Home Office showing deep concerns over the policy.

Freedom from Torture chief executive Sonya Sceats said it is “immoral in the extreme for the UK to expel torture survivors and other vulnerable asylum seekers who are in need of sanctuary and support.

“We are seeing strong public support for legal action to ensure this Government treats refugees with basic dignity”.

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