Three Labour MPs who could take on Boris better than Keir

Starmer and Labour ‘has to go for jugular’ says Campbell

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Despite numerous scandals and U-turns performed by the current Conservative Government, Labour has made superficial gains in polls and has failed to attract the all-important ‘red wall’ that converted in the 2019 election. While recent polling suggests Sir Keir’s party is ahead of Boris Johnson’s following the sleaze scandal and the ongoing Downing Street parties fiasco, the Labour leader has failed to make an impact with crucial voters.

The most recent YouGov polling shows 56 percent of respondents think Sir Keir is doing badly as leader of the opposition, with just 24 percent believing he is doing a good job.

Elsewhere, a new Ipsos MORI poll shows Sir Keir surging ahead of Mr Johnson by 13 points when asked who would be a more capable Prime Minister.

It marks a change of plus six for the Labour leader and a drop of seven points for Mr Johnson.

But after a series of scandals in Downing Street and more than 150,000 coronavirus deaths over the last two years, it’s clear to see the change in opinion comes from Mr Johnson’s own behaviour rather than Sir Keir’s aptitude for high office.

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The Labour leader has been overwhelmingly criticised for his caution in criticising the Prime Minister, as well as mocked for his cringe-worthy attempts at making catchphrases whenever Mr Johnson sets a foot wrong.

He said the Prime Minister was “socially distanced from the truth” when the footage of Government aides and Downing Street staff joking about parties held under lockdown restrictions last year was leaked to the press – a move roundly mocked across social media.

His attempts to “de-Corbynise” the party following the abysmal 2019 election result have come at the cost of making any real impact with the electorate – and infighting within his own party has absorbed much of the press agenda surrounding him.

While polling suggests things are on the up for the Leader of the Opposition, who could be a better candidate in the party to take on the ailing Tories?

Angela Rayner

In 2019, Jeremy Corbyn attempted to abolish the role of Deputy Leader, appointed by party members and not by the leading member of the opposition.

Sir Keir might wish his predecessor had succeeded in his bid, as the hostility between the two hasn’t gone undocumented over the last 18 months.

Angela Rayner has taken a harder line with the Government’s series of failures and scandals in recent months than her boss has, gaining support from party members in the process.

A bruising stand-off in May saw Sir Keir attempt to strip Ms Rayner of some of her shadow cabinet responsibilities – only for her to end up with more.

The Greater Manchester MP is clearly the Labour leader’s biggest threat, as Sir Keir has allegedly continued the bid to abolish the post.

Sir Keir reportedly attended a meeting earlier this year regarding the position, as rumours of the rift between leader and deputy began to swirl.

Regardless, Ms Rayner has demonstrated she is a formidable force in parliament and is popular with the Labour electorate – something Sir Keir can’t simply wash his hands of.

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Jonathan Ashworth

Jon Ashworth has become one of the more familiar Labour names as Shadow Secretary of State for Work and Pensions.

The MP for Leicester South is often a public and press facing member of the party, first gaining attention when he was made Shadow Health Secretary under Jeremy Corbyn.

However, his recent demotion and replacement by Wes Streeting could dampen Mr Ashworth’s chances to take over from Sir Keir.

Rachel Reeves

Rachel Reeves was promoted by Sir Keir in his most recent reshuffle and has been lauded for taking on Chancellor Rishi Sunak in the House of Commons.

The former Bank of England and HBOS economist has said she wants Labour to become the party of wealth creation, a far cry from one of her predecessors, John McDonnell.

Her Labour party conference speech set out plans to slash business rates, spend £28 billion a year on green infrastructure, boost British manufacturing and keep the City close to the EU post-Brexit.

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