‘Time to go!’ Britons furious over ‘barely conservative’ Johnson as Farage backed for PM

Nigel Farage lauds 'global vote of confidence' for Brexit Britain

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Express.co.uk readers called for Boris Johnson to resign, urging him to “let someone else finish Brexit properly”. Fred607 blasted the Prime Minister saying: “Boris needs to go and let someone finish Brexit properly. It’s not a choice between Boris OR Labour – it will definitely be labour if Boris stays until next elections instead of someone else leading Conservatives …”

Another user, True Brit agreed, writing: “If Boris is dedicated to Brexit then it’s about time he showed the public that voted for Brexit an end to this never-ending saga.


“Let’s get UK back to fighting for ourselves NOT feeding the EU.

“Or Is Boris yet again another remainer in disguise, in which case get rid.

“Elect a true Brexiteer who WILL do the job in hand.”

Other users backed Mr Farage to take over as Prime Minister, with one commenter, Stuart47, describing the former Reform UK and Brexit party leader as “the best PM we never had”.

Scenwani wrote “Farage for PM”, while another user called RY28 added: “Farage is always right.

“I just don’t understand why he isn’t our PM.”

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This came after Mr Farage responded to questions from Express.co.uk readers who were concerned over the ongoing Brexit negotiations.

The pro-Brexit politician blamed Boris Johnson’s team for Brexit issues, claiming that the PM is “barely conservative”.

However, some Express.co.uk readers were not convinced by Mr Farage.

Evie Roberts said that he “has no solutions to anything”.

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She said: “Farage is an attention seeking bandwagon jumper who has NO solutions to anything, he just criticises Boris who has the tough decisions.

“Used to support him but now can’t stand the man.”

Another described him as a “Tory basher”.

They said: “I am a totally committed Brexiteer but I would not trust Farage as far as I could throw him.

“He will only be happy when there will be a NO deal and to hell with the consequences and a Tory basher.”

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