Tobias Ellwood calls on Boris to use local election results as measure of public trust

Plea for Boris to use local elections as measure of trust

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Following Partygate fine and allegations of another three potential fines for the Prime Minister, Conservative MP Tobias Ellwood talks about the future of Conservative Party. “If the local elections go badly for Boris Johnson, then the Prime Minister puts his hands up”, says the MP.

Speaking with Times Radio, Mr Ellwood said: “I would like to see the results of the local elections being used as an indicator.

“If they go badly, the Prime Minister puts his hands up and says ‘fine, I am going to actually have a vote of confidence in myself.”

Following Mr Ellwood’s claims, TimesRadio presenter asked: “Is it not too late to wait until the local elections?”

She continued: “You are talking about the need for strong leadership during a war, you are talking about an absence of leadership that we have experienced or was or was experiencing, because of the various lockdown events at No 10 and in Whitehall”.

“Surely now is the right time to be thinking about a change in leader, to have a leader that the public can trust”, added Times Radio presenter in light of current happenings in Ukraine, which seem to significantly affect Europe.

The Conservative MP replied: “I made my position very clear”.

“I put it in my letter going back to that Ukraine”.

“You are absolutely right. We need that leadership there”, added Mr Ellwood referring again to the events occurring in Ukraine concerning the war in Ukraine and its implications in Europe. 

“I will say though, that successive Prime Minister have been absolutely committed to Ukraine since 2014”.

He continued: “Our foreign policy, military intentions, our operational decision making is all based on a massive government structure apparatus that actually provides options and advice, recommendations for any leader to make”. 

“So this idea that we need this prime minister to make those judgement calls, Britain is uniquely placed to allow good decision making to be made by the Prime Minister”, the MP explained.

Following the statements, he added: “What you are saying is absolutely right, but my concern is that at the moment there are many parliamentarians, conservatives, who are torn by the fact that they owe loyalty to the Prime Minister, given that it is the Prime Minister who got us to where we are today and then we can have this drip feed of events”.

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“What we need is clarity as to where we go”.

“And I am saying, if you are determined to stay, give everybody else the opportunity to actually have a say in whether you deserve to say”, Mr Ellwood concluded referring to elections which he seems to advices to use as a way to confirm PM Boris Johnson’s leadership. 

The statements follow Metropolitan Police reports which seem to show evidence of gatherings taking place inside No 10 during the last covid lockdown, and which would see Prime Minister Boris Johnson break lockdown rules. 

Following the reports, PM Boris Johnson has publicly apologies over having broken lockdown rules at 10 Downing Street. 

“I have paid the fine and I once again offer a full apology”, said Mr Johnson

He also added that he would not resign and stated: “I want to be able to get on and deliver the mandate that I have, but also to tackle the problems that the country must face right now”. 

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