Tory MP blasts Pakistan over alleged Taliban support ‘We send a great deal of aid to them’

Afghanistan: Kawczynski questions 'role of Pakistan'

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The MP delivered a sobering message to the Commons on Wednesday during the MP’s emergency debate on Afghanistan. He questioned Britain’s role in sending “taxpayers’ money” to Pakistan, a country that has vocalised its support for the Taliban regime in Afghanistan.

Mr Kawczynski slammed: “We need to ask questions about the role of Russia and Pakistan.

“The allegations that they have been supporting the Taliban

“And most concerning of all – Pakistan.

“A country that we send a great deal of taxpayers money to in international aid.”

He concluded: “So there are serious questions to be asked about the role of Pakistan and her security forces 

His comments come as Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan “hailed” the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan.

In a chilling speech on live television, the former cricketer said: “When you adopt someone’s culture you believe it to be superior and you end up becoming a slave to it.

“You take over the other culture and become psychologically subservient. When that happens, please remember, it is worse than actual slavery. It is harder to throw off the chains of cultural enslavement.

“What is happening in Afghanistan now, they have broken the shackles of slavery.”

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