‘UK would never vote for it’ Farage slaps down Rejoiner plot but warns TRUE Brexit at risk

Lord Frost on EU's brutal refusal to renegotiate with UK

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The GB News presenter said that while some Remainers will never give up hope, the prospect of the UK rejoining the EU is not a serious one. But Mr Farage warned that Britain must be “decisive and clear” or risk Brexit being watered down. 

The former Brexit Party leader said: “There are always those that would want us to rejoin.

“I don’t think that’s a serious prospect, the British people would never vote for it.

“But unless we’re decisive and clear with the direction we take, we could finish up without the kind of Brexit that Lord Frost and I wanted.

“And that’s why the next Tory leader must be a leaver.”

Mr Farage’s comments come after Lord Frost recently warned that “on the fringes of politics the unreconciled Remainers are regrouping”.

Writing in the Telegraph, the former Brexit minister said: “Of course there is little chance of a serious ‘rejoin’ campaign developing in the short term.

“The leaders of the pro-EU cause recognise that themselves.

“Instead, their aim is to keep us aligned with the EU, often using the Northern Ireland Protocol as a weapon.

“They know that if the UK doesn’t diverge much from EU law, it will be much easier to take us back in later if events work in their favour.

“To do this they have to get it established in the public mind that somehow Brexit is ‘already failing’, and thus destroy our nerve to do things our own way.”

Earlier this week, Lord Frost said the protocol, which has created new economic barriers on trade between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK, must be re-negotiated.

He told LBC: “I think it is obvious that the protocol as it currently stands cannot survive.

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“It must be renegotiated or the Government must act unilaterally.

“I simply don’t understand why the EU will not renegotiate it and move on to a more collaborative relationship with us as we all want.

“But if the EU won’t, then the Government’s responsibility is to govern this country and it will have to take that into hand.”

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