US-UK trade row erupts: AMT warns Biden she will impose tariffs on goods from States

Andrew Marr grills US Ambassador on UK-US trade deal

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International Trade Secretary Anne-Marie Trevelyan told US officials that the UK was ready to increase existing tariffs on American goods including whiskey, cosmetics and clothing.

Mr Trevelyan also said she was looking at slapping further US products with charges if Mr Biden does not ditch sanctions put in place by his predecessor.

Ms Trevelyan fired the warning during her first official stateside trip this week.

A senior UK official told the Financial Times: “We don’t want to use countervailing measures, but we’re getting a lot of pressure domestically to say that this is unfair.”

The US and the European Union agreed to suspend tariffs on steel and aluminium in October.

However, UK steelmakers still face eye-watering duties on exports across the pond.

The Financial Times reported that the US is not backing down on tariffs on British steel and aluminium due to concerns about the row with Brussels over the Northern Ireland Protocol.

Mr Biden has sided with the EU over the Brexit deal for Northern Ireland as the UK pushes for changes to the contentious arrangements.

Mr Trevelyan kicked off her three-day visit to New York and Washington DC on Monday.

Speaking ahead of her trip, Ms Trevelyan said: “From Teesside to Tulsa, there are huge opportunities to deepen the trading links benefiting communities on both sides of the Atlantic

“We’ve already made strong progress; from getting British beef and lamb back on US plates, to lowering the cost of Scotch whisky exports by addressing the long-running Airbus-Boeing issue.

“Now is the time to hit the ground running and get on with boosting ties with our closest ally.”


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