Wales lockdown: Residents erupt at new restrictions – ‘Forcing people onto the street!’

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Wales First Minister Mark Drakeford has plunged the country into a two-week “fire break” lockdown from Friday to protect the NHS from being overwhelmed. He has urged the nation to “come together” but residents are furious. Speaking to LBC, one claimed people will be forced onto the streets due to the loss in work.

She said: “I think that it’s ridiculous and we’re giving it way more attention than it needs.

“I think all it’s doing is causing damage to small businesses and the workers.

“You’re forcing people onto the streets, people are getting desperate and it’s hard.

“Finally getting back into it and losing it again.”

While Twitter users also vented their frustration.

One wrote: “The Welsh government should be ashamed of themselves. Boris Johnson and Matt Hancock better not give into peer pressure and inflict this idiocy on England.”

Another added: “So basically, the virus is stalled for two weeks. When restrictions are lifted, cases will rise again anyway. What a total waste of time a second lockdown is.”

A third person said: “Summer infections were successfully pushed into Autumn, now let’s push Autumn infections into Winter. The perfect strategy for hospital capacity.”

The “sharp and deep” lockdown will be brought in to coincide with the school half-term.

The decision follows a report from the Welsh Government’s Tactical Advisory Group (TAG), which said a lockdown would “massively reduce” Covid-19 transmission in Wales and prevent hundreds of deaths.

On Monday, Mr Drakeford said the lockdown was the best chance the country had of regaining control of the virus and avoiding “a much more damaging national lockdown”.

He told the Welsh Government’s Covid-19 press briefing in Cardiff: “The window we have within which we have to act is only a small one. And to be successful, we need everybody’s help.


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“Here in Wales, this is the moment to come together – to play our part in a common endeavour. To do everything we can, together, to protect the NHS and to save lives.

“And if we do this, our health service will be able to care for people with coronavirus, and everybody else.”

He added: “Of course this will not be easy. But if we act together, we can succeed.”

Mr Drakeford said the lockdown would be a “short, sharp, shock to turn back the clock, slow down the virus and give us more time”.

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