When is the next UK election? Latest polls show Tories trail Labour by 11 points

David Davis destroys Truss' leadership campaign

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His replacement will be named on September 5 with the final two candidates in the Tory leadership race to be selected in the fifth round of voting by the party’s MPs today between 1pm and 3pm. About 150,000 Conservative Party members will then vote with the winner and Britain’s next Prime Minister announced before Parliament returns from the summer break.

The shake-up of British politics has prompted some to ask whether a snap general election could be called.

Here is everything you should know about the next national vote.

When is the next general election in the UK?

The Government decides when to call a general election, but the date of the next one has not been announced yet.

In theory, the maximum term of a Parliament is five years from the day MPs first met.

This Parliament first met on December 17, 2019, so will it should automatically dissolve on the same day in 2024, unless it is dissolved by the Queen sooner than that.

It is expected polling day would take place 25 days later.

Can a general election be called sooner?

In short, yes, a general election could be held before January, 2025.

The 2011 Fixed-term Parliaments Act stipulated there should be five years between general elections.

Former Prime Minister David Cameron returned to office in 2015 in line with the timetable set by the Act.

The House of Commons chose to hold earlier general elections in June, 2017 and December 2019.

On ITV’s Tory leadership debate on Sunday, the remaining candidates all ruled out calling a snap election to secure a mandate from the public if they became Prime Minister.

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Which party is ahead in the polls?

The latest YouGov/Times voting intention poll carried out on July 13-14 shows the slide the Conservatives witnessed in the chaos surrounding Mr Johnson’s resignation has stabilised.

However, it is not good news for the Conservative Party as it shows them with an 11-point deficit on 29 percent compared to Labour on 40 percent.

Both figures match those from YouGov’s previous survey on July 6-7.

The poll puts the Liberal Democrats on 13 percent, Scottish National Party on five percent, Reform UK on four percent and the Greens on seven percent.

How will you know who to vote for?

A list of candidates who are standing in a UK general election will be posted on your local council’s website.

Nominations at the last general election were due by November 14, 2019.

There is more information about your area on the Electoral Commission’s website and information about candidates in each constituency is published online by Who Can I Vote For?

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