You blew it, Boris! British fisherman rages at ‘crushed dreams’ in botched Brexit deal

Brexit deal has 'smashed people's dreams' says fishing boss

Fishing for Leave’s Aaron Brown argued that dreams have been crushed by Boris Johnson’s Brexit fishing deal. While speaking to Martin Daubney on Brexit Unlocked, Mr Brown argued the UK should have taken a stance similar to Norway regarding fishing deals. Mr Brown highlighted how the Scandinavian nation operates regarding fishing and the strong position their stance puts them in.

Mr Brown concluded Boris Johnson had blown his chance of making the most out of the Brexit deal for fishermen.

He said: “Not only have we left a huge amount of our resources behind, but we have also left behind the ability to claw that back.

“That is full independence what I am talking about because of course, Norway has full independence.

“If it doesn’t like what is on the table between an arrangement between itself and its neighbour, the EU, Norway can walk away, as it is obliged to under the law.

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“Norway just says ‘sorry boys, we are not happy with that agreement, call us when you want to be sensible.

“They say ‘none of your boats are coming into our waters’.

“Because EU boats need Norwegian waters and because the EU consumers need Norwegian fish, the EU generally comes to a heel or compromise.”

In the new deal, the new quotas will see a 25 percent cut in the share of fish caught by EU vessels in UK waters.

Brexit: Fisherman says industry has been 'shafted' with deal

This change is expected to last for the next five years as the cuts are increased, giving UK fishermen an opportunity to increase their capacity.

Mr Brown argued that Britain could have utilised this same stance as Norway but instead opted for a deal that, in his opinion, has damaged the UK fishing industry.

He continued: “We had that chance and we have blown it.

“It smashed people’s dreams as so many people in the industry were geared up to put their lives and finances to rebuild an industry.

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“We didn’t ask for help, we didn’t want handouts, we just wanted our nation’s resources, to go to sea, to bring it in and the rest would have done it itself.

“That is gone now, it is crushed.”

Mr Brown concluded by saying: “They have absolutely shafted us, sorry to rant away here but as you can tell I am a bit cross.

“Really when it comes down to it, the Tories are trying to spin this Brexit fishing deal as a five-year agreement, after that we are free but we are just not.”

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