‘YOUR FAULT!’ EU says UK ‘100 percent’ responsible for ‘negative impact’ of no deal Brexit

The president of the European Commission warned Britain not to waste the six-month extension to Article 50 granted by the EU27 at the April 10’s emergency summit. And he said that, if the UK were still without an agreed deal by the end of October 2019, the country would be solely responsible for any economic damages coming from a no deal, which he warned would harm Britain more than the European Union. He told German newspaper Funke: “In any event, the UK’s withdrawal will have a negative impact – more for the British than for the EU. 

“There will be no single-market-based solution.

“As far as I am concerned, the British side bears 100 percent of the responsibility for this.

“We cannot keep on putting off the withdrawal date indefinitely.

“The best solution would be for the British to adopt the withdrawal agreement during the extra time that has been agreed. 

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“Brexit must one day come to an end.” 

The single market makes up 44 percent of Britain’s trade, which has raised fears among some economists the UK’s economy may suffer a slowdown no matter which Brexit is delivered, hard or soft, as they will both create new barriers and checks.

But the EU is also facing economic instability, due not only by Brexit but also by the soured relationship between Brussels and Washington.

Mr Juncker, who is completing his mandate as Commission chief, is scheduled to meet US President Donald Trump at the G20 meeting in Osaka, Japan, to discuss trades. 

Predicting a “lively discussion”, Mr Juncker told Germany, who is facing a slowing economy, to spend more to boost growth in the bloc – a day after German Finance Minister Olaf Scholz ruled out taking on new debt to stimulate his country’s anaemic growth. 

Mr Juncker said: “However, Germany should use its financial leeway to further reduce public debt and boost investment.

“This also includes eliminating bureaucratic hurdles.”

The UK is due to take part in the European elections unless Parliament can pass a Brexit deal and the withdrawal agreement bill by May 22. 

Mr Juncker said he “can see” an attempt to “rig” the elections, which could be carried out both from within and outside the bloc.

He said: “I can see an attempt to rig the European Parliament elections.

“This comes from several quarters, and not only from outside the EU.

“States within the EU are also seeking to direct the will of voters in a particular direction with fake news.”   

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