‘You’re asking the same question!’ Raab brutally shuts down Labour MP Afghanistan probe

Dominic Raab brutally shuts down Labour MP Afghanistan probe

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Mr Bryant set about a volley of questioning over the precise numbers of individuals left behind following the end of the evacuation. He demanded a clear figure from Dominic Raab during the grilling following comments made by Prime Minister Boris Johnson that the “overwhelming majority” of those that needed rescuing in Afghanistan are now safe. But Raab slammed the back and forth with the Welsh Labour MP for asking the same question over and over again as he refused to disclose an accurate figure as he admitted he did not know “precisely” what that was.

Mr Bryant asked whether an actual “number” had been put on those still requiring rescue and how many people the government thought had been left behind.

But Raab hit back accusing Mr Bryant of “asking the same question a different way”.

The foreign secretary added: “I have just said I cannot die you a definitive answer.

Bryant interjected, hammering: “It’s just that the Prime Minister said that the overwhelming majority of the people who stood by us… the overwhelming minority are out.

“But if you’re not confident of the numbers how can the Prime Minister possibly know if the majority are out or not?”

But Mr Raab insisted how he was not confident enough with the “precision” numbers to give a set figure for those that have been left behind in Afghanistan by Britain.

Though he threw his support behind Mr Johnson’s claim that the “overwhelming majority” of those needing rescue from the country are now out.

He added how the focus of the government has now shifted to getting “as many people to safety” in a structured way.

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