£13.5m lottery jackpot winner ‘caught with giant pile of cocaine in his fridge’

A plumber who scooped a £13.5million lottery prize when he was 22 was 'caught red-handed with a giant pile of cocaine in his fridge'.

Three years on from his jackpot win Joshua Winslet had spiralled into a 'hedonistic' lifestyle, culminating in his arrest on drugs and weapons charges.

Police raided his home in Adelaide, Australia in 2020, seizing nearly 30 grams of MDMA between a safe and his wardrobe, more than 2g of cocaine, marijuana, a pistol and ammunition.

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He was charged with supplying MDMA and possession of an unlicensed firearm.

Despite his finances being managed by his parents through a trust fund, Winslet accessed enough money to fund a dangerous downward spiral.

South Australia's District Court heard how he quit work and bought properties in South Australia and New Zealand before becoming 'hopelessly addicted' to drugs.

The court released photos of Winslet's trashed 'party house' showing bagged MDMA, cocaine and marijuana, several large bongs and countless empty drink bottles and cans, The Advertiser reported.

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Among the photos was a framed congratulations from the lottery agency featuring Winslet's winning 2017 Powerball entry.

One photo showed the contents of his fridge included a soup bowl filled with white power and a pack of Red Bull cans.

The photos taken after the raid on his New Port home showed the property in an 'appalling' state, with nangs (nitrous oxide bulbs) laying on a marble tabled beside cigarettes, a bong, bottles of spirits, half-drunk glasses of wine and candles.

In another room, rubbish and clothes were strewn on a floor beside an electronic drum kit and floor-to-ceiling projector screen.

Elsewhere, the homes floors were filthy, and beds were left unmade as garbage, including empty soft drink cans and takeaway food containers accumulated in every room.

The court heard sudden wealth turned him into "a free ride" for other drug users who were allowed to "run amok" in his home.

Judge Heath Barklay said Winslet "lost motivation" for life and preferred a "hedonistic lifestyle" slipped into regular drug use after his win.

"You had lots of money so you could afford to buy large amounts of drugs, which you would use yourself and supply to your so-called friends from time to time," he said.

One "friend" stored a firearm and bullets in his roof, which Judge Barklay said the placement in a home where heavy drug use was normal increased the chances the weapon would be used for "an unlawful purpose".

The court heard the now 27-year-old's arrest was "a wake up call".

He was sentenced to three years and nine months, with a non-parole period of 18-months, but the sentence was suspended on a two-year good behaviour bond, with supervision.


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