97,000 double-decker buses of rubbish dumped on streets of England last year

Fly-tipping has soared with more than a million cases last year.

England had 1.1billion kg of rubbish dumped on its streets – the equivalent of more than 97,000 double-decker buses.

Shock figures revealed incidents jumped 8% from 998,000 in 2017-18 to 1,072,000 last year.

London saw the most fly-tipping in 2019, with almost 300million kg or 296,315 tonnes.

The northwest had 180m kg dumped, Yorkshire and the Humber 146m while the southeast saw 117m kg dumped.

Official figures show East Midlands is the area that fly-tipped the least with 56kg, making up 5% of England’s waste.

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The southwest had 70m kg dumped, East Anglia 95m kg and the north east 101m kg.

But environment spokesman David Renard said “successful prosecutions” were at their highest level since 2011-12.

The National Fly-Tipping Prevention Group says it “poses a threat to humans and wildlife”.

Councils are trying to tackle the problem by sharing pictures of their “most wanted” offenders in a bid to identify them.

Josh Clarke, from Clear It Waste removal firm, said: “Fly-tipping is a huge issue in this country, costing taxpayers millions of pounds.

“More awareness should be raised on this matter, so more people get a better understanding of the severity of it.

“The funds and effort could be used for better causes like medical research or homelessness.”

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