A 7ft tuna which dwarfed the fishmonger – the standout photos of 2022

A 7ft long 23st tuna which dwarfed the fishmonger, Tom Hardy’s secret martial arts and the three-headed cheetah – the standout photos of 2022

  • The top images from 2022 taken by a news agency have been chosen
  • Politically significant moments and images of stunning natural beauty feature
  • Photos show events like Queen’s funeral and Tom Hardy in Ju Jitsu tournament

A selection of jaw-dropping pictures from throughout the year, including an enormous tuna dwarfing a fishmonger, have been chosen as the standout photos of 2022 by a news agency. 

The images have been taken at a wide variety of events from the Queen’s funeral in September to Tom Hardy taking part in an amateur martial arts tournament.

SWNS has been providing news and captivating photographs to the world since the early 1970s, operating around-the-clock, 365 days per year.

From the many thousands of frames snapped through 2022, the organisation’s dedicated picture editors have chosen the most compelling images.

Willian Elliot from Eddie’s Seafood Market in Edinburgh with a giant seven foot bluefin tuna weighing in at 150kg

An image captured of the Tenby Lifeboat launching on a training run back in March

A photographer snapped snow-capped Stirling Castle shrouded in mist and compared it to something out of Harry Potter

The Household Cavalry Mounted Regiment is seen enjoying its ‘summer camp’ in Norfolk in July

Blakenall Heath area in Walsall where youths tore a pigeon to pieces in September. Dawson Street rubbish and empty boarded up property.

Marie Madeleine, who had a disability which meant her knee bent backwards, before surgery

Tom Hardy took gold in a martial arts championship in Milton Keynes after he secretly arranged to fight in a gym and floored his local opponents

Red 6, piloted by Squadron Leader Gregor Ogston, was forced to cut short the display a few minutes early – after the cockpit canopy was smashed

A photo of the dilapidated Gran Teatro Cervantes in Tangier (Morocco)

The news agency’s photos capture memorable event from the last year like when a red arrow had to make an emergency landing after a bird broke the cockpit canopy.

Photographers caught the moment when youths in Walsall were seen hanging around on a pile of rubbish outside a derelict house after reports of someone tearing a live pigeon apart.

In emotional scenes, refugees were pictured crying following their evacuation from Lviv, Ukraine. 

Photography lovers can now vote to decide which of the these images will be crowned ‘SWNS Picture of the Year 2022’.

To see the full selection of pictures, which show spacecraft, celebrities, wildlife and standout political moments, you can visit their website.

The public are invited to vote for favourites by ticking the heart icon next to each photo, and can vote for more than one.

A stunning Siberian tiger pauses in a quiet forest in this jaw-dropping picture

Thousands of Chabad-Lubavitch rabbis pose for a ‘class picture’ outside of Chabad World Headquarters, Brooklyn, New York, United States

British rock band Idles perform on the Other Stage at Glastonbury Festival 2022

Brody Roybal, a man born missing the bottom half of his body, and girlfriend Menecis Garriga at home in Smyrna, Tennessee

 A photographer has captured a jaw-dropping lightning storm on camera in Florida

SWNS Picture Editor Jon Mills says: ‘We are very grateful to all the talented photographers who trust us with their pictures.

‘A great news photograph can be many things, but its core quality is that it tells you a story that lives in your memory.

‘Many of the pictures in our gallery are stunning images of this beautiful world, some show moments of intense emotion and others touch on the tragedy that is a very real part of our modern society.’ 

A wildlife photographer spotted a quirky sight of a ‘three headed cheetah in Kenya

Brianne Surgeoner, from Paisley, who was born with no arms applies her make-up with her feet

People use the damaged B4069 as a skate park back in March after the road was left in a bad state

A woman cries as an evacuation train from Lviv, Ukraine, pulls out from the station towards Przemysl, Poland

An Australian Air Force’s F/A-18F Super Hornet flying over Brisbane’s Story Bridge

Over 40 Ukrainian orphans after being rescued and taken to safety in Znin Poland

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